Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Publication Date: 08/2012
ISBN: 9787503765841
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Shandong Statistical Yearbook
Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2012 "is a comprehensive annual data reflect the national economy and social development in Shandong Province, is a recognized and studied the situation in Shandong Province, the development of policies, important information to guide the development of the national economy and historical books.
"Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2012" Special Report, Tables and Appendix III. Special Report section including the Report on the Work of the Government, Statistical Bulletin, Summary of statistical work, a comprehensive reflection of the province's economic and social development of profiles and statistical work in Shandong Province.
Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2012 "Tables part of the collection of the statistics of the year 2011 the national economy and social development in Shandong Province, a total of twenty: first, comprehensive; second, national accounts; Title III, population; fourth in employment, labor remuneration and social security; V, fixed asset investment; VI, foreign economic, tourism and development zones; Title VII of energy; eighth chapter, and finance; IX price index;, 10 living; tenth one, the city building; 12th, resources and environment; chapter 13, agriculture; articles 14 industries; Loving the construction industry; first sixteen, transportation, postal and telecommunications industry; 17th, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering industry; 18th, education, science and technology, and culture; 19 articles, health, sports, civil affairs, judicial, surveying and mapping, standards and Metrology;, 20 counties (cities, districts) of major economic indicators.
Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2012, chapter inserts with a brief description, an overview of the main content and data sources; each chapter, the last with the Main Statistical Indicators brief introduction to the concept of indicators, statistical methods, statistical standards and statistical range.
Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)