The Chinese Navy's Maritime Escort Operations

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There are three books in the first series of books on the Chinese Army, namely The Chinese People's Liberation Army, The PLA Navy,and The PLA Air Force; the second series of three are The PLA Aviation Corps, The PLA Marines, and The PLA Airborne Force. The third series contains four volumes: The Chinese Navy's Maritime Escort Operations,Chinese Peacekeepers Overseas, The Chinese Army and International Exchanges, The Chinese Army and Humanitarian Relief. Each volume has from 50,000 to 100,000 words, with hundreds of valuable pictures. The series attempts to focus on the Chinese armed forces' history, current situation and future development in the context of its growth, through the use of many interesting examples and details, to show the overall face of the People's Liberation Army from multiple angles.

Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Chapter 1
PLA Navy Escort Operations: Reasons and Causes
The Rampant Somali Piracy
Reactions from the International Community
The Expedition of the Chinese Navy
Chapter 2
PLAN Escort Task Forces in Action
Rescuing Vessels under Attack
The Escort for Released Ships
Rescuing Hijacked Vessels
The International Humanitarian Reliefs
The Evacuation and Protection of Overseas Chinese in Libya
Chapter 3
The Patterns of the PLAN Escort Operations
The Escorting Methods: Accompanying Escort + On-Board
Protection + Area Patrolling
The Escorting Modes: from Provisional Accompanying Escort
to Periodical Accompanying Escort
The Application Procedures: Advance Application + Provision;
The Escorting Routes: Extended Eastward and Westward from
Both Sides of GOA through Four Adjustments
The Escort Area: Expanded to the Waters East of Somalia
Logistic Support for Escort Operations
Chapter 4
Exchanges and Cooperation
Exchange of Information
Mutual On-Board Visits
The Joint Counter-Hijacking Operations
The Joint Escort Operations
Joint Exercises
The International Symposium on Counter-Piracy and
Escort Operations
Chapter 5
The Life of the Officers and Men on the Indian Ocean
The Escort Mission Didn't Keep Women Away
The Support of Foods and Drinks
The Cultural and Sports Life
Resting On Shore
Archives for the PLAN Escort Operations
The First Escort Task Force
The Second Escort Task Force
The Third Escort Task Force
The Fourth Escort Task Force
The Fifth Escort Task Force
The Sixth Escort Task Force
The Seventh Escort Task Force
The Eighth Escort Task Force
The Ninth Escort Task Force
The Tenth Escort Task Force
The Eleventh ,Escort Task Force
The Twelfth Escort Task Force
The Thirteenth Escort Task Force

The Chinese Navy's Maritime Escort Operations