The PLAAF Airborne Troops

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Table of Contents
Acronyms and Abbreviations 
Chapter 1 
The Amazing Speed of Troops from Sky: the Birth of the PLAAF Airborne Troops 
The Power of Parachutists 
The Speed of Chinese Airborne Troops 
'Do not be a parachutist if you fear death' 
Hero's Patron Saints 
Chapter 2 
Hardships in Pioneer Work: the Growth of the PLAAF Airborne Troops 
The Birth of the Elite Troops in Combats of Shangganling 
A Hundred How—to's 
Airborne Troops ≠ Infantry + Parachuting 
'Daggers' and 'Iron Fists' 
Chapter 3 
Sharpened Swords of Refined Steel: Arduous Training of Airborne Troops 
Fly into the Skies after Intense Training 
800 Meters and 5,500 Meters 
Hell—Like Training by 'Devil Brigade Commander' 
Troops from Sky Trained to Fight 
Chapter 4 
Tiger's Wings: Equipment of the PLAAF Airborne Troops 
Fledged Wings: Complete Sets of Parachutes 
Sharpened Beak: Individual Combat Gear Develops into Systems 
Spreading of Eagle's Wings: Transport Aircraft and Helicopters 
Heavy Equipment Shock: Airborne Combat Vehicle and Airdrop System 
Chapter 5 
Duty Calls: When People Need 
Decisive Battle on the Yangtze River 
Rescue in Wenchuan Earthquake 
Born to Serve the People 
Chapter 6 
Highlights: Glamour of the PLAAF Airborne Troops 
Heritage: We are Comrades with Huang Jiguang 
Aggressive: First as Always 
Dignity: Five—Starred Red Flag Flies Forever 
Elites: Assault Team 'Thunder' 
Girls in the Airborne Troops 
Hero from SOS Children's Village 
Chapter 7 
Exceeding the Limit: PLAAF Airborne Troops Embarks on the 'Fast Lane' of Development 
Versatile Soldiers 
Seeking for Peace 
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The PLAAF Airborne Troops