Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016

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"Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016" system included the province's 11 districts and cities in 2015 and economic statistics in all aspects of society, since the reform and opening up the province's major statistical data and other important years of history, as well as some of the major provinces and cities nationwide index data. It is a comprehensive annual statistical publication, Jiangxi reflect the economic and social development.<br/>
"Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016" Yearbook of the text is divided into 21 chapters, namely: General Population, Employment and Wages, fixed asset investment, foreign economic and trade, energy, finance, prices, people's livelihood, urban construction, forestry construction and ecological environment, agriculture, industry, construction, transportation, post and telecommunications industry, domestic trade and tourism, financial services, real estate development, science and technology, education, culture, health, sports, social welfare and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions The main economic indicators and survey work in 2015 in Jiangxi memorabilia. For ease of use, beginning of each chapter features a "brief description" give a brief overview of the main contents of this chapter, data sources, statistical coverage, statistical methods, endnote with "Main Statistical Indicators."<br/>
"Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016" to previously published statistics to re-examine it, and where this "Yearbook" data discrepancies, are subject to the yearbook.<br/>
"Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016" The units of measurement used in this yearbook are internationally standard measurement units.<br/>
"Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016" in the Yearbook section data total number or relative number calculation error due to rounding generated, are not adjusted.<br/>
"Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016" Symbol Description: yearbook tables in the "space" indicates that the statistical indicators of the lack of the minimum number of units table, data are not available or no such data; "#" indicates the major items.
Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2016