Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Publication Date: 08/2012
ISBN: 9787503766763
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Tianjin Statistical Yearbook
Tianjin Statistical Yearbook "is a fully reflect the Tianjin economic and social development situation of large data yearbook, founded in 1984, published every year, the formation of the series. The 2012 Tianjin Statistical Yearbook systems collection of Tianjin in 2011, the statistics of all aspects of society, as well as other important historic year in the city's main statistics. Book is bilingual, with the disc. , The Yearbook text data posted Tianjin in 2011 for national economic and social development statistical bulletin "," 2011 the Tianjin economic analysis "," 2011 Tianjin Social Development Report. For the convenience of readers, the book's table of contents index identifies the structure of the book. In the book Each accompanied by the Main Statistical Indicators. Third, the Yearbook of Statistics data taken from the Statistical Yearbook of professional small part from the survey data and professional sector statistics; third data part of the table is taken from the sixth national census tabulation results. The units of measurement used in the Yearbook of International standard measurement units; Industry Classification Standard adopt national standards GB / T 4754-2002; terms of per capita indicators, calculated from the resident population in 2005, 2005, household registration population; Beginning in 2006, the urban-rural divide standard implementation of the National Unification Zi [2006] No. 60 document new requirements. Part of the data in the Yearbook total and relative number of calculation errors due to rounding different trade-offs, and neither do the mechanical adjustments. Notations used in this yearbook: "space" indicates that the statistical indicators without data, lack of data in this table are the minimum number of units or data not available; "#" represents one of the main items. Seven, due to dovetail with different years of relevant professional census survey, inventory results, as well as changes in the national statistical system and the competent authorities to provide statistical data adjustment and other reasons, some indicators Yearbook historical annual data are subject to change. Readers in the use of historical data, where the annual Yearbook and the Yearbook data discrepancies are to prevail in this yearbook. Tianjin Statistical Yearbook since openly published, get the care and support of the readers at home and abroad, and made many valuable suggestions of the content of the yearbook and editing work, which we are very grateful. Our limited level the inevitable inadequacies book, please readers continue to give criticism and help us to further improve Yearbook editorial work, Yearbook editorial standards, better service for our readers.
Table of Contents
The city's GDP (billion) and growth rate (%)
Industrial structure (%)
Day in 2011 the main socio-economic activities
Total fixed asset investment in urban infrastructure investment (billion)
Foreign trade imports and exports (U.S. $ billion)
Actual direct foreign investment (USD 100 million)
Unit GDP energy consumption per unit of industrial added value (tce / million)
Local general budget revenue and expenditure ($ million)
City price index (previous year = 100)
City residents' family life balance ($)
Of urban residents per capita consumption expenditure in 2011 (%)
Urban residents per capita housing floor area (square meters)
Industrial output value ($ billion) and growth rate (%)
2011 of Tianjin advantage of industry output (%)
Port cargo throughput (tons)
Total Business Volume (billion)
Retail sales (billion) and growth rate (%)
And foreign financial institutions Deposits and Loans Balance ($ billion)
Statistical Bulletin
2011 Tianjin National Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin
2011 Tianjin Economic Situation Analysis
Tianjin Social Development Report 2011
First comprehensive
Of 1-1 administrative formed (end of 2011)
1-2 Land Area (2011)
1-3 month meteorological data (2011)
1-4 each county meteorological data (2011)
Number of the 1-5 corporate and industrial activity units (end of 2011) (points) by Registration
The 1-6 corporate activity units (end of 2011) (by industry sector)
The 1-7 major Year of the key indicators of the national economy and the growth rate
1-8 for national economic and social development of structural indicators (2007-2011)
1-9 for national economic and social development of the proportion and efficiency indicators (2008-2011)
1-10 average daily socio-economic activities (2008-2011)
1-11 key indicators of the national economy per capita level (2008-2011)
1-12 Tianjin's status in the country
Main Statistical Indicators
The second National Accounts
2-1 (1978-2011), the city's GDP
2-2 constitute the city's GDP (1978-2011)
2-3 the city's GDP Index (1978-2011)
2-4 the city's GDP Index (1979-2011)
2-5 to the city's GDP by industry (2009-2011)
2-6 Index (2009-2011) of the city's GDP by industry
The 2-7 three industries contribution rate (1995-2011)
2-8 three times the pull of the industry of the city's GDP growth (1995-2011)
2-9 project structure of the city's GDP (1978-2011)
2-10 expenditure approach, the city's GDP (1978-2011)
2-11 final consumption expenditure and constitute (1978-2011)
2-12 final consumption expenditure index (1979-2011)
2-13 final consumption expenditure (2009-2011)
2-14 Gross capital formation and Index (1978-2011)
2-15 final consumption expenditure and gross capital formation of the contribution to the city's GDP growth rate and pull (1978-2011)
2-16 consumer level (1978-2011).
Main Statistical Indicators
The third population
3-1 population indicators (1996-2011)
3-2 household population composition and household size (1996-2011)
3-3 distinguish the number of households, population and population density
3-4 hukou household registration households
3-5 sub-account of the nature of the household population
3-6 by sex, household population number
The 3-7 various characteristics of the household population of the age group (2011)
The 3-8 resident population data
3-9 according to the resident population of the regional sub (2011)
3-10 by age 6 years of age and over a variety of educational level of population (2011)
3-11 at the age of 15 years old and above Marital Status Population (2011)
3-12 household size by region (2011)
3-13, by region, 65 years of age and older population households (2011)
Of 3-14 family planning situation (2008-2011)
3-15 population marriage (2008-2011)
3-16 of the total number of households and the average household size by region
3-17 of the resident population by region
3-18 age group population by sex
3-19 constitute distinguish the age of the population
3-20 regional sub-six-year-old and over population by educational attainment
3-21 educational attainment by age 6 years old and above
3-22 of Han and minority population by region
3-23 population distinguish million over minorities
3-24 household registration of the resident population in the provinces by region
3-25 15-year-old age and marital status of the population over the (long form data)
3-26 (long table data by housing the completion time of the housing situation of the household)
3-27 (long table data by occupation of the head of household household housing situation)
Main Statistical Indicators
Fourth in employment and labor wages
4-1 the social practitioners (1996-2011 years)
4-2 employees in urban units (1996-2011).
4-3 BY SECTOR types of employees (2011)
4-4 Employment and constitute
4-5 employees in urban units and constitute
4-6 Urban Units workers and constitute
4-7 other practitioners of urban units and constitute
4-8 of registered unemployed persons (2007-2011)
4-9 new jobs (2007-2011)
4-10 vocational skills training and employment services (2007-2011)
4-11 total wages of employees in urban units (1996-2011)
4-12 average wage of employees in urban units (1996-2011)
4-13 total wages of employees in urban units (2009-2011)
4-14 average wage of employees in urban units (2009-2011)
4-15 total wages of workers in the post (2009-2011)
4-16 in the average wage of workers (2009-2011)
4-17 total wages of employees (2009-2011)
4-18 average wage of other practitioners (2009-2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
V fixed asset investment and real estate
5-1 Year Investment in fixed assets
5-2 by urban and rural fixed assets investment of the whole society and the new fixed assets (1996-2011)
5-3 total fixed asset investment by Sector
5-4 new fixed assets of the whole society by Sector
5-5 urban fixed asset investment and new fixed assets
5-6 in urban fixed asset investment by industry
5-7 urban fixed asset investment in major sectors of the manufacturing industry
5-8 new urban fixed assets by Sector
5-9 major sectors of the manufacturing industry to new urban fixed assets
5-10 of urban investment in fixed assets of the energy industry
5-11 urban infrastructure investment in fixed assets
5-12 urban fixed asset investment funding sources by Sector (2011)
The 5-13 social housing construction and the completion of the area
5-14 urban fixed asset investment funding sources
5-15 urban fixed asset investment in the number of construction projects by Sector
5-16 Number of projects completed and put into operation by Sector urban fixed asset investment
5-17 of urban local investment in fixed assets
5-18 of urban real estate development and investment, construction (1996-2011)
5-19 of urban real estate development and investment
5-20 of urban real estate development and construction
5-21 of real estate sales, intermediary services and property management of
5-22 of rural non-farm households investment in fixed assets
The 5-23 rural farmers fixed assets investment
5-24 key construction projects List (2011)
The 5-25 construction projects major new production capacity (2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
Sixth foreign economic trade and tourism
6-1 of foreign trade import and export volume (1996-2011)
6-2 Tianjin Port (1996-2011), total imports and exports
6-3 Utilization of Foreign Capital (1996-2011),
6-4 RMB exchange rate (annual average) (1981-2011)
6-5 of foreign trade import and export volume (2011)
6-6 of Foreign Trade and total imports and exports by country (region) (2011)
6-7 in Tianjin Port Import and Export Commodity Inspection (2007-2011)
6-8 city businesses and institutions established abroad
6-9 direct use of contracted foreign investment (2009-2011)
6-10 actual use of foreign capital (2009-2011)
6-11 borrowing of foreign funds
6-12 foreign investment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested enterprises (2011)
6-13 foreign investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested enterprise production and management (2011)
6-13 foreign investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested enterprise production and management (2011) continued Table 1
6-13 foreign investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested enterprise production and management (2011) continued Table 2
6-13 foreign investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested enterprise production and management (2011) continued Table 3
6-14 of tourist arrivals and the number of days spent (2008-2011)
6-15 of inbound tourism foreign exchange earnings (2008-2011)
6-16 in Tianjin with a list of sister cities abroad
6-17 Foreign Economic Cooperation
6-18 according to the country (region) of foreign contracted projects, labor cooperation (2011)
6-19 services outsourcing (2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
Title VII of energy production and consumption
7-1 total energy production and constitute (1996-2011)
7-2 Energy terminal consumption (1996-2011)
7-3 Overall Energy Balance Sheet (standard amount)
The 7-4 energy consumption (1996-2011) of the basic situation
7-5 Electricity Balance Sheet (2008-2011)
7-6 elasticity of energy consumption (1996-2011)
7-7 Energy Consumption (2007-2011)
7-8 Energy Consumption (2008-2011)
7-9 Per Capita Energy Consumption (1996-2011)
7-10 industrial consumption of major energy end (2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
VIII fiscal
8-1 local general budget revenue (1996-2011)
8-2 fiscal revenue
8-3 fiscal spending
8-4 district level general budget revenue (2011)
8-5 at district level general budget expenditures (2011)
8-6 Tianjin, the tax situation of the State Administration of Taxation (2008-2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
IX price index
9-1 city price index (1978-2011)
9-2 Urban Consumer Price Index by Category (2008-2011)
9-3 city Retail Price Index by Category (2008-2011)
9-4 industrial producer price index (2008-2011)
9-5 by Sector (2008-2011), the industrial producer price index
9-6 industrial producer purchase price index (2008-2011)
9-7 price index of investment in fixed assets (2008-2011)
9-8 residential sales price index (2011)
9-9 the residents of currency purchasing power index (1991-2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
The lives of the people in articles 10
10-1 of urban and rural residents in the material and cultural living standards to improve the situation (2008-2011)
10-2 urban residents per capita household income and expenditure and increase (1996-2011)
10-3 urban residents family life (1996-2011)
10-4 urban households of different income levels (2011) (per capita annual disposable income grouping)
10-5 urban residents per capita household income and expenditure and constitute (2008-2011)
10-6 urban residents per capita household consumption expenditure and constitute (2008-2011) of
10-7 urban residents per capita household consumption expenditure classification (2011)
10-8 urban households per 100 consumer durables end of owned (2007-2011)
10-9 the basic situation of urban residents in family housing constitute (2008-2011)
10-10 rural households (2008-2011)
10-11 Rural Households the labor education level (2008-2011)
The 10-12 rural residents per capita disposable income and composition (2011)
10-13 rural residents' per capita income growth rate (2009-2011)
10-14 per capita living expenditure of rural residents (2008-2011)
The per capita living expenditure of rural residents constitute 10-15 (2008-2011)
10-16 rural household consumer durables at the end of every one hundred (2007-2011) has
10-17 of rural residents per capita food consumption (2007-2011)
10-18 rural households per household productive fixed assets at cost (2008-2011)
10-19 rural households per 100 productive fixed assets ownership (2008-2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
One tenth of urban construction and environmental protection
11-1 urban construction land (2009-2011)
11-2 urban housing construction area (2009-2011)
11-3 municipal facilities (2009-2011)
11-4 city tap water (2009-2011)
11-5 the basic situation of the city gas (2009-2011)
11-6 urban central heating (2009-2011)
11-7 urban public transport (2009-2011)
11-8 the development of urban environmental health (2009-2011)
11-9 Urban Greening (2009-2011)
11-10 Park distribution (2011)
The 11-11 water resources (2002-2011)
11-12 Water Supply and Water (2002-2011)
11-13 water, the atmosphere, the sound ecological environment (2009-2011)
11-14 utilization and disposal of industrial solid waste (2009-2011)
11-15 Environmental Protection system composition (2009-2011)
11-16 Construction Project Environmental Management (2009-2011)
11-17 Industrial Pollution Abatement (2009-2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
XII Agriculture
12-1 rural economy indicators
12-2 the conditions for agricultural production (1996-2011).
12-3 agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery output value and growth rate (1996-2011)
12-4 ARGICULTURAL structure (1996-2011)
12-5 crops sown area (1996-2011)
12-6 major agricultural production (1996-2011)
12-7 all districts and counties, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery output value and added value (2011)
The 12-8 major crops in all districts and counties acreage (2011)
12-9 counties major crops production (2011)
The 12-10 county livestock production (2011)
12-11 forestry production, orchard area and production (2009-2011)
12-12 counties fisheries production (2011)
12-13 the key indicators of the State Farm Group Corporation (2009-2011)
The 12-14 large reservoirs basic (2011)
12-15 medium-sized reservoir (2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
CHAPTER 13 industrial
13-1 total industrial output value and growth rate (1996-2011)
13-2 scale industrial output value of industrial enterprises above
13-3 local industrial enterprises above designated size industrial output value
A 13-4 major industrial products production capacity
13-5 Major Industrial Products (1996-2011)
13-6 Major Industrial Products (2011)
13-7 efficiency indicators of industrial enterprises of all districts and counties (2011)
13-8 scale industrial enterprises above the main economic indicators (1996-2011).
13-9 above-scale industrial enterprises in key economic indicators (2011)
13-10 places above-scale industrial enterprises in key economic indicators (2011)
13-11 sub-industry scale industrial enterprises above the main economic indicators (2011)
13-12 large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in key economic indicators (2011)
13-13 SECTOR large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in key economic indicators (2011)
13-14 sub-industry of large and medium-sized state-owned industrial enterprises of major economic indicators (2011)
Small micro-industrial enterprises above the 13-15 scale of major economic indicators (2011)
13-16 points more than the size of the industry small micro-industrial enterprises of major economic indicators (2011)
13-17 major economic indicators of the high-tech industry (2011)
13-18 competitive industries of major economic indicators (2011)
13-19 scale industrial enterprises main economic indicators (1996-2011)
13-20 scale industrial enterprises main economic indicators (2011)
13-21 sub-industry scale industrial enterprises above the main economic indicators (2011)
13-22 large and medium-sized industrial enterprises of major economic indicators and the percentage share of the city
13-23 state-owned and state-controlled large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in key economic indicators and the percentage share of the city
Main Statistical Indicators
14th chapter construction industry
14-1 construction enterprises (1996-2011)
14-2 construction enterprises main economic indicators and quality of the project (1996-2011)
14-3 construction enterprises (Registration and economic type)
The 14-4 building basic (points) by industry and qualification level
The 14-5 building key financial indicators (2011)
14-6 construction enterprises at the end of its own machinery and equipment total power and net worth (1996-2011)
14-7 building corporate rate of technical equipment and power equipment (1996-2011)
The 14-8 building business machinery and equipment and economic efficiency indicators of
14-9 Construction Enterprises completion of housing construction
14-10 labor subcontracting construction production operations
Main Statistical Indicators
Loving Transport and Telecommunications
15-1 Social passenger and cargo transport volume and turnover (year 1996-2011)
15-2 Social passenger and cargo transport volume and turnover (2008-2011)
15-3 transport line length (2008-2011)
15-4 Port passenger and cargo throughput (1996-2011)
15-5 port facilities (2009-2011)
15-6 Port Type of Freight
15-7 highways and civil aviation main technical and economic indicators (2009-2011)
15-8 civil aviation airport, the main indicators (2009-2011)
15-9 civilian vehicle ownership (2011)
15-10, Post and Telecommunications (1996-2011)
15-11 Post and Telecommunication Services (2009-2011)
15-12 telecom major communication ability (2008-2011)
15-13 postal level of telecommunications services (2008-2011)
15-14 Postal and Telecommunications (the Hall) (2008-2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
Articles sixteenth wholesale and retail trade and accommodation and catering industry
16-1 retail sales of social consumer goods (1996-2011)
16-2 limit wholesale and retail merchandise purchase, sales and stock total (1998-2011)
The 16-3 limit above the wholesale and retail trade Total Purchases
The 16-4 limit above the wholesale and retail sales of goods and Total Inventory
16-5 quota or more state-owned and state-controlled wholesale and retail key indicators (2011)
Lodging industry over the 16-6 limit (2011)
16-7 Tianjin, more than four-star Hotel List (2011)
Restaurant industry more than 16-8 limit (2011)
16-9 Registration Status of wholesale and retail financial situation of enterprises (2011)
16-10 BY SECTOR (2011) of the wholesale and retail financial position
16-11 chain retail enterprise (2011)
Chain catering enterprises above 16-12 (2011)
16-13 billion commodity trading market (2011)
16-14 the actual domestic capital amount (2007-2011)
16-15 other provinces and cities invest in Tianjin
Main Statistical Indicators
Chapter 17 financial industry
The 17-1 all kinds of financial institutions
17-2-funded financial institutions RMB deposit and loan balances (1981-2011)
17-3 funded banking institutions RMB deposit and loan balances (1981-2011)
17-4 and foreign financial institutions to deposit and loan balances (2006-2011)
17-5 and foreign financial institutions and foreign currency credit funds Balance Sheet
17-6 funded financial institutions RMB deposit and loan balances
17-7 funded banking institutions RMB deposit and loan balances
17-8 financial institutions the statutory deposit rate table (2008-2011)
The 17-9 financial institutions the statutory lending rate sheet (2008-2011)
The 17-10 personal loans total (2008-2011)
17-11 domestic listed companies starting stock (1993-2011)
17-12 Tianjin joint-stock enterprises the domestic List of outstanding shares for the first time (1993-2011 years)
17-13 insurance institutions
The 17-14 insurance business indicators (1996-2011)
The 17-15 insurance business situation
17-16 (JV) foreign insurance company head office in Tianjin, branch Glance (2011)
17-17 foreign banks (joint venture) in the the Tianjin branches, representative offices Glance (2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
Education in articles 18 and Technology
18-1 of schools at all levels (1996-2011)
18-2 schools at all levels, the number of students and the number of faculty members
18-3 has the number of students per million people (2008-2011)
18-4 per Student - Teacher (2008-2011)
18-5 at all levels of school students for enrollment ratio (2008-2011)
18-6 number of graduate students and instructor (2008-2011)
18-7 of Postgraduate Students in enrollment (2009-2011)
18-8 various types of institutions of higher learning basic
The number of students in colleges and universities Division 18-9
The 18-10 colleges Polyclinic the number of full-time teachers (by functional title)
18-11 secondary vocational education
The 18-12 General Certificate of Secondary basic (2011)
The 18-13 kindergarten (2008-2011)
Ordinary primary and secondary distribution of 18-14 (2011)
(2011) 18-15 regular secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens campus
18-16 Education (2008-2011)
18-17 online education students
18-18 foreign students in
18-19 professional and technical personnel (2009-2011)
18-20 constitute professional and technical personnel (2011)
18-21 of professional and technical personnel of the Natural Science (2011) (BY SECTOR)
18-22 of social science professional and technical personnel (2011) (BY SECTOR)
18-23 independent scientific research and technology development organizations
18-24 independent natural science research institutions topics, and inputs (points) by subject type
18-25 admissibility of a patent application number and authorization number
18-26 scientific and technological achievements (2009-2011)
18-27 Tianjin scientific and technological achievements by the National Science and Technology Award Glance (2011)
The 18-28 College research projects carried out with inputs (2011) (science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine)
18-29 of scientific and technical monographs and papers (2008-2011) (science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine)
18-30 Special Equipment Supervision and monitoring the situation
18-31 Quality Supervision, Inspection (2009-2011)
18-32 Association of Science and Technology, and belongs to the Institute of Scientific and Technological Activities (2011)
18-33 basic science and technology and research and development activities (2011)
18-34 basic scientific and technological activities of industrial enterprises above designated size (2011)
Scientific research and experimental development (R & D) activities of the industrial enterprises above designated size 18-35 by Sector (2011)
Scientific and technological institutions and the patent situation of industrial enterprises above designated size by Sector 18-36 (2011)
18-36 above-scale industrial enterprises in science and technology institutions and patent (2011) by Sector Continued
Technology market 18-37 (2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
Nineteenth chapter of Health and Social Services
19-1 and health services (1996-2011)
19-2 Health Institutions (2008-2011)
19-3 and health services (2011)
19-4 Health Professionals (2011)
19-5 the number of beds in health institutions (2008-2011)
19-6 the medical institutions clinics and hospital beds (2008-2011)
19-7 hospitals and clinics operating conditions
19-8 community health service centers (stations)
19-9 village health (2008-2011)
19-10 women and children health care situation (2008-2011)
19-11 city's residents before ten Disease Death Rate, and the cause of death
The 19-12 total health costs and structure (1996-2011).
19-13 Year Total Health Fee Institutional flows constitute
19-14 of the county Health (2011)
The 19-15 social welfare situation of enterprises and institutions
19-16 (2011), the basic situation of the Social welfare institutions
19-17 social the relief situation (2008-2011)
19-18 special care and institutions (2008-2011)
19-19 of county social services (2011)
The 19-20 aged BASIC (2008-2011)
19-21 Medical Relief (2008-2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
Power of culture and sports
The 20-1 culture undertakers and staff situation (2004-2011)
20-2 Books Publication of newspapers and magazines (2009-2011)
20-3 Books Published (2009-2011)
20-4 Video and Audio Products (2009-2011)
20-5 radio and television program production (2011)
20-6 radio and television broadcast (2011)
20-7 broadcast on radio and television (2008-2011)
20-8 cable (2008-2011)
The 20-9 movies screening units (2008-2011)
The 20-10 art BASIC (2008-2011)
20-11 file BASIC (2008-2011)
20-12 archives archives collection development and utilization (2008-2011)
20-13 organs and institutions archives preservation and development of utilization (2008-2011)
20-14 large-scale industrial enterprises in the preservation and development of archives utilization (2008-2011)
20-15 Public Library (2008-2011)
Basic the 20-16 museums and cultural relics protection units (2008-2011)
20-17 mass culture (2008-2011)
The 20-18 body Commissions sports workers (2008-2011)
20-19 grade referee and the number of athletes (2009-2011)
20-20 domestic and international sports competitions award-winning brand (2011)
Main Statistical Indicators
Twenty-one public administration and other
21-1 Tianjin number of successive National People's Congress on behalf of the gender composition of motion number of criticisms and suggestions
21-2 Tianjin number of previous members of the CPPCC National Committee and the proposal 'number
21-3 the grassroots unions situation (2008-2011)
21-4 Women's Federation Organization (2008-2011)
21-5 People's Mediation
21-6 lawyer (2008-2011)
Notary 21-7 (2009-2011)
21-8 prosecutors for investigating the economic circumstances of the case (2011)
21-9 Court civil cases to close the case and closed the case (2011)
21-10 administrative cases of the Court to close the case and closed the case (2011)
21-11 of Labor Disputes (2008-2011)
21-12 social security development (2008-2011)
21-13 Disabled BASIC
21-14 Red Cross (2009-2011)
21-15 (2011) receiving consumer complaints
Main Statistical Indicators
Second twelve counties
22-1 major economic indicators for all districts and counties (2011)
22-2 peaceful area
22-3 Hedong District
22-4 Hexi District
22-5 Nankai District
22-6 Hebei District
22-7 Hongqiao District
22-8 Dongli District
22-9 West Tsing District
22-10 Jinnan District
22-11 Beichen District
22-12 Wuqing District
22-13 Baodi District
22-14 Binhai New Area
22-15 Ninghe
22-16 Jinghai County
22-17 Jixian basic
Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)