Advances in Control Systems Theory and Applications

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Table of Contents
Preface to the USTC Alumnis Series
Preface Gang Tao, Jing Sun
Chapter 1
A Sensitivity-Based View to the Stochastic Learning and Optimization
Xi-Ren Cao, Fang Cao
Chapter 2
Brief Review of Research on Robust Pole Clustering and Robust Structural Control
Sheng-Guo Wang
Chapter 3
Two Challenging Problems in Control Theory
Minyue Fu
Chapter 4
Developments in Receding Horizon Optimization-Based Controls:
Towards Real-time Implementation for Nonlinear Systems with
Fast Dynamics
Jing Sun, Reza Ghaemi, Ilya Kolmanovsky
Chapter 5
Multivariable Model Reference Adaptive Control
Gang Tao
Chapter 6
On Computer-Controlled Variable Structure Control Systems
Bin Wang, Xinghuo Yu, Xiangjun Li, Changhong Wang
Chapter 7
Multi-Robot Formation Control Based on Feedback from Onboard Sensors
Tore Gustavi, Maja Karasalo, Xiaoming Hu
Chapter 8
Semiactive Control Strategies for Vibration Reduction in Smart Structures
Ningsu Luo
Chapter 9
Identification and Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems via a Constrained Input-Output Neurofuzzy Network
Marcos Gonzgez-Olvera, Yu Tang
Chapter 10
Decomposition-Based Robot Control
Guangjun Liu
Chapter 11
From Adaptive Observers to Decoupled State and Parameter Estimations
Qinghua Zhang
Chapter 12
Reduced-Order Controllers for the H∞ Control Problem with Unstable Invariant Zeros or Infinite Zeros
Xin Xin
Chapter 13
Recent Advances in Bifurcation Control
Hua O. Wang
Chapter 14
Intelligent Medical Robot Application —— Tele-Neurosurgical Robot Case Study
Weimin Shen, Jason Gu, Yanjun Shen
Chapter 15
Applications of Stochastic Control Theory in Portfolio Management
Tao Pang
Advances in Control Systems Theory and Applications