Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (2nd Edition)

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Table of Contents
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Main Character, Parameters and The Expressions of Gradient, Divergence, Rotation
Chapter 1 Vector Analysis
1.1 Scalar and Vector Fields
1.2 Operation of Vector
1.3 Flux and Divergence of Vector
1.4 Gauss's Theorem
1.5 Vector Circulation and Rotation
1.6 Stockes' Theorem
1.7 Gradient of a Scalar Field
1.8 The Helmholtz Theorem
Chapter 2 Electrostatic Fields
2.1 Electrostatic Field's Divergence Equation and Rotation Equation
2.2 Electric Potential and Electric Potential Gradient
2.3 Laplace's equation and Poisson's equation
2.4 Electric Dipole
2.5 Conductors in the Electrostatic Field
2.6 Dielectrics in the Electrostatic Field
2.7 The Boundary Conditions of the Electrostatic Field
2.8 Capacitance of Conductor System
2.9 Energy of Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Force
2.10 8 Function and Its Related Properties
Chapter 3 Constant Magnetic Field
3.1 The Curl Equation and Divergence Equation of Constant Magnetic Field
3.2 Magnetic Vector Potential A and Scalar Magnetic Potential cp
3.3 Magnetic Dipole
3.4 Medium in Constant Magnetic Field
3.5 Boundary Condition of Constant Magnetic Field
3.6 Self Inductance and Mutual Inductance
3.7 Magnetic Energy and Magnetic Force
Chapter 4 Steady Electric Field
4.1 Current Density
4.2 Current Continuity Equation
4.3 Steady Electric Fields are Irrotational Fields
4.4 Loss of Energy in A Conducting Medium
4.5 Boundary Condition of the Steady Electric Field
4.6 Analogy of the Steady Electric Field and the Electrostatic Field
4.7 Capacitor Considering the Loss of Medium
Chapter 5 Solutions of Electrostatic Field Boundary Value Problem
5.1 Electrostatic Field Boundary Value Problems
5.2 Uniqueness Theorem
5.3 Solving the One-Dimension Field by Integral
5.4 Using Separation of Variables to Solve Two-Dimension and Three-Dimension Laplace's Equation
5.5 Image Method
5.6 Conformal Transformation, or Called Conformal Mapping '
5.7 Finite-Difference Method-Numerical Computation Methods
5.8 Green's Function and Green's First, Second Identities
Chapter 6 Alternating Electromagnetic Fields
6.1 Maxwell's Equations
6.2 Law of Induction and Maxwell's Second Equation
6.3 Ampere's Circuital Law and Maxwell's First Equation
6.4 Gauss's Law and Maxwell's Third Equation
6.5 Maxwell's Fourth Equation
6.6 Maxwell's Equations and Auxiliary Equations
6.7 Complex Format of Maxwell's Equations
6.8 Boundary Conditions for Alternating Fields
6.9 Poynting's Theorem and Poynting Vector
6.10 Potentials and Fields for Alternating Fields
6.11 On Lorentz Gauge
Chapter 7 Propagation of Plane Wave in Infinite Medium
7.1 Wave Equations and Solutions
7.2 Plane Wave in Perfect Dielectric
7.3 Polarization of Electromagnetic Wave
7.4 Plane Wave in A Conducting Medium
7.5 Loss Tangent tan and Medium Category
7.6 Plane Wave in A Good Dielectric
7.7 Plane Wave in A Good Conductor
7.8 Skin Effect
7.9 Surface Impedance Zs of A Good Conductor
7.10 Power Loss in A Conducting Medium
7.11 Dispersive Medium, Dispersive Distortion and Normal Dispersion, Anomalous Dispersion
7.12 Electromagnetic Waves in Ferrite Medium
Chapter 8 Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves
8.1 Plane Wave Normally Incident on the Surface of Perfect Conductor
8.2 Plane Wave Normally Incident on the Interface between Perfect Dielectrics
8.3 Plane Waves Obliquely Incident upon the Surface of Perfect Conductor
8.4 Plane Wave Obliquely Incident upon the Interface between PerfectDielectrics
8.5 Reflection and Refraction of Waves on the Interface between ConductiveMedia
8.6 Plane Waves Normally Incident upon the Interfaces among Multi-layered Media
8.7 On the Multiformity of the Definitions of Fresnel Equations (R, T)
Chapter 9 Two-Conductor Transmission Lines-Transverse Electromagnetic Wave Guiding System
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Properties of Wave Equations for TEM Waves
9.3 Parallel-Plate Transmission System
9.4 Two-Wire Transmission Lines
9.5 Coaxial Cable
9.6 Quasi-TEM Waves in Lossy Transmission Lines
Chapter 10 TE and TM Modes Transmission System-Waveguide
10.1 Rectangular Waveguide
10.2 Circular Waveguide
10.3 Higher Modes in Coaxial Line
Chapter 11 Electromagnetic Radiation
11.1 Lag Potential of Alternating Field
11.2 Electric Dipole
11.3 The Magnetic Dipole'
11.4 Dipole Antenna and the Concept of Antenna Array
11.5 DualityTheory
Appendix Common Formula
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (2nd Edition) (ISBN:9787030349798)
Sample pages of Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (2nd Edition) (ISBN:9787030349798)
Sample pages of Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (2nd Edition) (ISBN:9787030349798)
Sample pages of Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (2nd Edition) (ISBN:9787030349798)
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (2nd Edition)