Resonant Sensors

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This book systematically discussed the pertinent fundamental theory of the resonant sensors. Then some kinds of resonant sensors including resonant press sensor, resonant acceleration sensor, resonant angular rate sensor, resonant mass flow sensor and surface acoustic wave resonant senor are introduced.
It can be selected as reference to the masters, undergraduates and pertinent engineering staffs whose research direction are instrumentation science and technology, control science and engineering, mechanical engineering etc.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Fundamental Theory of Resonant Sensors
1. Introduction
1.2 Resonance Phenomenon
1.3 Basic Structure of the Resonator Sensors
1.4 Sensitive Mechanism of the Resonator Sensors
1.5 The Closed-Ioop System of the Resonator Sensors
1.5.1 Time-domain Analysis
1.5.2 Complex Frequency Domain Analysis
1.6 Mechanical Quality Factor of the Resonant Sensitive Elements
1.6.1 Definition and Calculation
1.6.2 The Analysis of the Affecting Factors of Sensors
1.6.3 Methods on Improving the Mechanical Quality Factor
1.7 Methods of Measurement of the Frequency Output Resonator Sensors
1.7.1 Frequency Method
1.7.2 Periodic Method
1.8 The Design Features of the Resonator Sensors
1.9 The Characteristics and Advantages of the Resonator Sensors
Questions and Exercises

Chapter 2 Resonant Pressure Sensor
2.1 Vibrating String Type Pressure Sensor
2.1.1 Structure and Principle
2.1.2 Characteristic Equation
2.1.3 Excitation Mode
2.2 Resonant Diaphragm Pressure Sensor
2.2.1 Structure and Principle
2.2.2 Characteristic Equation
2.3 Electromagnetic Excitation Vibrating Cylinder Pressure Sensor
2.3.1 Structure and Principle
2.3.2 Characteristic Equation
2.3.3 Excitation Mode
2.3.4 Characteristics Linearization and Error Compensation
2.4 Piezoelectric Exciting Resonant Cylinder Pressure Sensor
2.4.1 Structure and Principle
2.4.2 Characteristics of Piezoelectric Excitation
2.4.3 Transformation of Picking-up Signals
2.4.4 The Realization of a Stable Single Modal Self-exciting System
2.4.5 Related Problems about Double Modal
2.5 Quartz Vibration Beam Pressure Sensor
2.5.1 Structure and Principle
2.5.2 Characteristic Function
2.6 Micromechanical Silicon Resonant Pressure Sensor
2.6.1 Sensing Structure and Mathematical Model
2.6.2 The Process of Signal Transformation
2.6.3 The Temperature Field Model and Thermal Characteristic Analysis of the Beam Resonator
2.7 Micro Mechanical Silicon Resonant Pressure Sensor with Differential Output
2.7.1 Sensing Structure and Working Mechanism
2.7.2 Characteristic Equation Questions and Exercises

Chapter 3 Resonant Inertial Sensor
3. Introduction
3.2 Quartz Vibrating Beam Acceleration Sensor
3.3 Resonant Silicon Micromachined Acceleration Sensor
3.4 Piezoelectric Excitation Resonant Cylindrical Shell Angular Rate Sensor
3.5 Static Exciting Hemispherical Resonant Angular Velocity Sensor
3.6 Micro Silicon Resonant Angular Velocity Sensor
3.6.1 Silicon Capacitive Surface Micromechanical Gyroscope
3.6.2 Silicon Micromechanical Gyroscope with Direct Frequency Output Questions and Exercises
Chapter 4 Resonant Mass Flow Sensor
Chapter 5 Surface Acoustic Wave Resonant Sensor
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Sample pages of Resonant Sensors (ISBN:9787512415041)
Sample pages of Resonant Sensors (ISBN:9787512415041)
Resonant Sensors