Proceedings of Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2016

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Table of Contents
Weiguo Song, Jian Ma, Libi Fu
Virtual Urbanscape: Recent Advances, Challenges & Opportunities
Ming C. Lin
Mobility Modelling and Real-time Analysis of Crowded and Process-constrained Environments such as Cities, Airports, Hospitals and Mass Gatherings
Anders Johansson
Multidisciplinarity in pedestrian dynamics
Gerta K6ster
Field survey
Fundamental Diagrams for Specific Very High Density Crowds
Prabhudev Dambalmath, Britto Muhamad, Eberhard Haug, et al
Walking Patterns of Elderly in a Peruvian Public Space
Felix Cabrera, Frank Munoz, Cristina Perez
Continuous measurements of real-life bidirectional pedestrian flows on a wide walkway
Alessandro Corbetta, Jasper A. Meeusen, Chung-Min Lee, et al
Towards Modelling Pedestrian-Vehicle Interactions. Empirical Study on Urban Unsignalized Intersection
Andrea Gorrini, Giuseppe Vizzari, Stefania Bandini
The Walking Behaviours of Pedestrian Social Group in the Corridor of Subway Station
Pengfei Zhao, Lishan Sun, Li Cui, et al
Human Factors in Pedestrian Simulation. Field Studies in Underground Stations
Gesine Hofinger, Robert Zinke, Benjamin Schr6der, et al
Experimental Study on Pedestrian Stairdescent Walking Behaviours in Building Stairs
Feizhou Huo, Wei Lv, Yinghua Song
Synthesizing Passenger Flow Map in Metro Stations
Shao Bo Liu, Siu Ming Lo, Jian Ma, et al
Empirical study on characteristics of crowd in emergency situations
Jiayue Wang, Wenguo Weng, Yang Zhou, et al
Eight Years of Good Flux, Long-Term Performance Evaluation of an Automatic Crowd Management System for Public Transport
Christian Kogler, Stefan Seer, Norbert Brandle
Controlled experiments
Pedestrians rotation measurement in bidirectional streams
Claudio Feliciani, Katsuhiro Nishinari
Influence of Selfish and Polite Behaviours on a Pedestrian Evacuation Through a Narrow Exit: A Quantitative Characterisation
Alexandre Nicolas, Sebastian Bouzat, Marcelo N. Kuperman
The Effect of Social Groups and Gender on Pedestrian Behaviour Immediately in Front of Bottlenecks
Nikolai W. F. Bode
The impact of presence of merging maneuvers on delay during evacuation
Zahra Shahhoseini, Majid Sarvi, Meead Saberi
The Effects of Synchronization of Pedestrian Flow through Multiple Bottlenecks -Train Egress Study
Marek Bukacek, Hana Najmanova, Pavel Hrabak
Influence of Social Groups in Evacuation Scenarios. Model Predictions and Empirical Studies
Cornelia yon Krvchten, Frank Mvller, Andreas Schadschneider
Experimental Study of Pedestrians' Gaits During Turning
Zhongyi Huang, Weiguo Song
Properties of Pedestrian Movement at Signalized Crosswalk
Jun Zhang, Shuchao Cao, Armin Seyfried
Experimental study on the distributions of the step length and frequency in the walking movement
Guang Zeng, Weiguo Song, Chi Liu
Pedestrian inflow process under normal and special situations
Xiaodong Liu, Weiguo Song, Libi Fu, et al
The Influence of the lnhomogeneity on Congestion Dynamics in Pedestrian Single-File Motion
Verena Ziemer, Antoine Tordeux, Armin Seyfried
Estimation of vertical displacement during ascending evacuation
Amitava Halder, Kalev Kuklane
Qualitative analysis on two-dimensional pedestrian flows - unidirectional and bidirectional
Xu Mai, Xing Zhu, Weiguo Song, et al
Restudy the Faster-is-slower Effect by Using Mice under High Competition
Junming Chen, Qin Zeng, Wenbin Zhang, et al
Reducing Cognitive Overhead.. Evacuation of a Beer Tent in Virtual Reality
Gerta K6ster, Florian Sesser, Angelika Kneidl
The Influence of Colored Running Lights on Route Choice-Dynamic Guidance and Affordance
Laura Kvnzer, Gesine Hofinger, Robert Zinke
The Relationship between Human Ability of Escaping and Individual Attributes in Virtual Evacuation Tests
Zhiming Fang, Lingzhu Chen, Wei Lv
Social Groups and Pedestrian Crowds- Experiment on Dyads in a Counter Flow Scenario
Andrea Gorrini, Luca Crociani, Claudio Feliciani, et al
Effects of visual information on decision making during way-finding in emergency and non-emergency situations
Gregory C, Dachner, Max Kinateder
Staff-to-child ratios in day-care centres, a concern with respect to fire safety
Hana Najmanova, Maria S. Christiansen, Anne S. Dederichs
Behaviour of Ants Escaping a Single-exit Room under High Temperature Conditions
Qiao Wang, Shujie Wang, Weiguo Song, et al
Model development
Simulation, calibration and validation
Theory and measurement
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Proceedings of Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2016 (ISBN:9787312040771)
Sample pages of Proceedings of Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2016 (ISBN:9787312040771)
Sample pages of Proceedings of Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2016 (ISBN:9787312040771)
Sample pages of Proceedings of Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2016 (ISBN:9787312040771)
Proceedings of Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2016