Easy Chinese – Speak Out I (1 Book + 1 MP3 + 1 DVD)

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Author: Shao Limin; Liu Tong;
Language: English
Format: Paper, Audio CD, DVD-Video
Page: 138
Publication Date: 03/2011
ISBN: 9787561929599
Level: Elementary
  • This product is fit for students with a Chinese learning experience of 3~6 months. They have learned the basics of Chinese pronunciation and acquired a certain number of Chinese words.
  • It gives priority to the practicability of language learning, thus rapidly enhancing students’ Chinese speaking skills in real life.
  • The situational conversations are based on the most common real-life situations to help foreigners get familiarized with China’s social environment.
  • It not only serves as a Chinese textbook, but also as an emergency Chinese speaking guidebook for foreigners, who live, study, work or travel in China.
The accompanying DVD and MP3 help improve the effectiveness of learning. The former provides explanations by the anchorpersons as well as conversations in real-life situations; the latter provides standard Chinese at slow and regular speeds.
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Easy Chinese – Speak Out I (1 Book + 1 MP3 + 1 DVD)