Islamic Art in China

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Author: Yang Guiping;
Language: English
Page: 173
Publication Date: 01/2013
ISBN: 9787508524399
Table of Contents
Chapter One: Mosque Construction and Decoration Art in China 
Ⅰ. The Four Ancient Mosques 
Ⅱ. The Mosques in North China and the South Region of the Yangtze River 
Ⅲ. Mosques in Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia 
Ⅳ. Mosques in Xinjiang 
Chapter Two: Khanqah, Qubbah, Mazar and Mausoleum 
Ⅰ. Khanqah 
Ⅱ. Oubbah 
Ⅲ. Mazar and Mausoleum 
Chapter Three: Calligraphy, Scripture and Porcelain 
Ⅰ. Calligraphy 
Ⅱ. Scripture 
Ⅲ. Porcelain 
Chapter Four: Ritual
Islamic Art in China