China's Civil Law

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  • Author: Zhu Yikun;
  • Language: English
  • Format: 1 Book
  • Publication Date: 08/2003
  • ISBN: 7503642343, 9787503642340
  • Publisher: China Law Press
Table of Contents

1-1:Civil law and administrative law(2)
1-2:Sources of civil law(3)
2-1:Rights and capacity(12)
2-2:Capacity and competence(12)
2-3:Sequence of guardians(14)
2-4:Declared missing and death(19)
2-5:Classification of legal persons(20)
2-6:Legal person and natural person(24)
2-7:Legal person and partnership(27)
2-8:Void and voidable legal act(39)
2-9:Classification of civil rights(55)
2-10:Suspension and discontinuation(61)
3-1:Functions of ownership and operation rights(88)
3-2:Allocated and granted land userights(90)
3-3:Term of granted land use rights(96)
4-1:Scope of IP(103)
4-2:IP rights and real rights(104)
4-3:Duration of copyright(120)
4-4:Duration of neighboring rights(123)
4-5:Comparison of three types of patents(127)
4-6:IP enforcement bodies(155)
5-1:Contract and tort(163)
5-2:Offer and invitation to treat(180)
5-3:Effective time of communication(190)
5-4:Contractual modification and assignment(204)
6-1:Types of security devices(229)
6-2:Registration and registration authorities(241)
6-3:Sequence of mortgages over the samething(246)
6-4:Effective time of the pledge contract(247)
6-5:Marine lien vpossessory lien(253)
7-1:Tort and contractual obligations(257)
7-2:Tort and crime(257)
7-3:General and special torts(259)
7-4:Other major tort classifications(261)
7-5:Degree of fault(269)
7-6:Causes of defense(270)
7-7:Types of special tort(272)
8-1:Marriage requirements(287)
8-2:Void & voidable marriage(291)
List of Figures
2-1:Rebirth merger(23)
2-2:Absorptive merger(23)
2-3:Rebirth division(23)
2-4:Derivative division(23)
2-5:Principal and agent(44)
3-1:Longines watch unlawfully deviates from owner(66)
3-2:Longines watch lawfully deviates from owner(66)
3-3:Multiple tiers of agency in exercising State ownership(83)
3-4:Class I and II land use rights market(93)
5-1:Creation of contractual terms(199)
5-2:Basic types of contractual terms(202)

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