Materials in Civil and Construction Engineering

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A basic function of civil and construction engineering is to provide and maintain the infrastructure needs of society.Although some civil and construction engineers are involved in the planning process, most are concemed with the design, construction, and maintenance of facilities.The common denominator among these responsibilities is the need to understand the behavior and performance of materials.A basic understanding of the material selection process, and the behavior of materials, is a fundamental requirement for all civil and construction engineers performing design, construction, and maintenance.First, this book introduces the basic properties of civil engineering materials.The introduction to the basic properties includes basic physical properties, mechanical properties and durability of materials.In addition, one of the responsibilities of civil and construction engineers is the inspection and quality control of materials in the construction process.This requires an understanding of material variability and testing procedures.The atomic structure of materials is covered in order to provide basic understanding of material behavior and to relate the molecular structure to the engineering response.So the second section presents the characteristics of the primary material types used in civil and construction engineering, such as building steel, aggregate, cement, masonry, concrete, wood, asphalt, and synthetic polymers.Since the discussion of concrete and asphalt materials requires a basic knowledge of aggregates, there is a chapter on aggregates.Moreover, since composites are gaining wide acceptance among engineers and are replacing many of the conventional materials, there is a chapter introducing composites.Efforts have been made to make the teaching materials more applicable, more substantial, more succinct, and more novel.Multiple sample problems have been added to each chapter to allow professors to vary assignments between semesters.Answering these questions and problems will lead to a better understanding of the subject matter.As one of the civil engineering textbooks, this book is suitable for students majoring in "Civil Engineering", "Transportation Engineering", "Engineering Supervision", "Costing Engineering", and "Water Supply and Drainage Engineering", also for the engineers and technicians engaging in the relevant specialties.Due to the limited knowledge in the compilation of this book, mistakes and errors cannot be fully avoided.The comments and criticism from the readers will be highly appreciated.Special thanks are due to the Southwest Jiaotong University Press project team, Ms.Xue Zhang, the chief editor, Ms.Wenyue Zhang, the editor, for their patience, understanding, and encouragement in publishing this manuscript.The support fiom the Graduate Studies Office in the School of Civil Engineering and the Graduate School, at the Southwest Jiaotong University, is gratefully acknowledged.Thanks to Jiangjuan Hao and Hao Yin for their contributions to the compilation of this book.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Basic Properties of Civil Engineering Materials
1.1 Basic Physical Properties of Materials
1.2 Mechanical Properties of Materials
1.3 Durability of Materials

Chapter 2 Building Steel
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Properties of Building Steel
2.3 Standards and Selection
2.4 Corrosion and Protection

Chapter 3 Aggregate
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Aggregate Properties
3.3 Handling Aggregates

Chapter 4 Cement
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Production Process of Portland Cement
4.3 Chemical Composition of Cement
4.4 Setting and Hardening of Cement
4.5 Soundness of Cement
4.6 Common Cement Types
Chapter 5 Portland Cement Concrete
Chapter 6 Masonry
Chapter 7 Asphalt and Asphalt Concrete
Chapter 8 Wood
Chapter 9 Synthetic Polymers
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Materials in Civil and Construction Engineering (ISBN:9787564379438)
Sample pages of Materials in Civil and Construction Engineering (ISBN:9787564379438)
Sample pages of Materials in Civil and Construction Engineering (ISBN:9787564379438)
Sample pages of Materials in Civil and Construction Engineering (ISBN:9787564379438)
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Materials in Civil and Construction Engineering