Geology Applied to Civil Engineering

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With the introduction of China's high-speed railway to the world, the successful experience in comprehensive consideration of civil engineering and geological conditions have been achieved, which is worthy of learning and reference for international students. This is the purpose of this book.
The structure of the textbook follows a clear line from basic knowledge about engineering geology to engineering geological problems and prevention, and then to engineering geological survey. In addition to describing the relationship between geology, engineering geology and civil engineering geology in the introduction to Geology Applied to Civil Engineering, the main contents of this book include overview of the Earth, minerals and rocks, stratum and geological structures, geological role of water, engineering properties of rocks, rock weathering and soil properties, earthquakes, geological hazards and mitigation measures, geological problems in tunnel, foundation and slope engineering, geological investigation for civil engineering.
In addition to the systematic theoretical knowledge, each chapter also includes the prologue to stimulate students' interest in learning, examples to deepen students' understandin8 of key and difficult knowledge, and exercises for after-class review.
This book is closely linked with practice, adopts new standards and specifications in the field of engineering geology and geotechnical engineering, and reflects the new achievements and progress of civil engineering geology.
This book can be used as a textbook for undergraduate students major in civil engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, environmental engineering in colleges and universities, as well as a teaching material or reference book for water conservancy engineering, mining engineering and other related majors. It can also be used as a reference for engineering technicians of related areas.
Table of Contents
0 Introduction
0.1 What is Geology Applied to Civil Engineering
0.2 Engineering geologic set
0.3 Engineering geologic problem
1 Overview of the Earth
1.1 Shape and size of the Earth
1.2 Exterior of the Earth
1.3 Interior spheres of the Earth
1.4 Constitutions of the Earth's crust
2 Minerals and rocks
2.1 Minerals
2.2 Concept and classification of rocks
2.3 Magmatic rocks
2.4 Sedimentary rocks
2.5 Metamorphic rocks
3 Stratum and geological structures
3.1 Crustal movement
3.2 Stratum
3.3 Rock formation and attitude
3.4 Fold
3.5 Fracture structure
3.6 Geological map
4 Geological role of water
4.1 Geological processes of surface water
4.2 Geological processes of groundwater
5 Engineering properties of rocks
5.1 Physical properties of rocks
5.2 Hydraulic properties of rocks
5.3 Mechanical properties of rocks
5.4 Rock mass strength
6 Rock weathering and soil properties
6.1 Types of rock weathering
6.2 Factors controlling weathering
6.3 Weathering degree evaluation
6.4 Engineering classification of rock and soil
6.5 Engineering properties of special soil
7 Earthquakes
7.1 Basic concepts of earthquake
7.2 Classification of earthquake
7.3 Seismic wave
7.4 Seismic magnitude and intensity
7.5 Effect of earthquake
8 Geological hazards and mitigation measures
8.1 Rockfall
8.2 Landslide
8.3 Debris flow
9 Geological problems in tunnel engineering
9.1 Structural features of rock mass
9.2 Natural stress
9.3 The deformation and failure of underground excavation
9.4 Evaluation method of surrounding rock stability
10 Geologic problems in foundation engineering
10.1 Types of failure in soil
10.2 Bearing capacity of foundation
10.3 Ground improvement
10.4 Case history
11 Geologic problems in slope engineering
11.1 Failure pattern of artificial slope
11.2 Factors influencing slope stability
11.3 Slope stability analysis
11.4 Countermeasure for preventing slope failure
12 Geological investigation for civil engineering
12.1 Objective and procedure of investigation
12.2 Office reconnaissance
12.3 Field reconnaissance
12.4 Subsurface exploration
12.5 Meticulous investigation
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Geology Applied to Civil Engineering (ISBN:9787040577907)
Sample pages of Geology Applied to Civil Engineering (ISBN:9787040577907)
Sample pages of Geology Applied to Civil Engineering (ISBN:9787040577907)
Sample pages of Geology Applied to Civil Engineering (ISBN:9787040577907)
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Geology Applied to Civil Engineering