Do Nothing & Do Everything: An Illustrated New Taoism

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  • Author: Zhao Qiguang;
  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Page: 213
  • Publication Date: 09/2013
  • ISBN: 9787511013972
  • Publisher: Dolphin Book
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“Humorous, simple, and profound, Do Nothing and Do Everything demonstrates the convincing usefulness of Taoism in contemporary society. Both an erudite writer and a philosophical illustrator, Qiguang Zhao has built three bridges in one stroke: the first between the ancient and the modern, the second between the East and the West, and the third between words and pictures. Once you open this book, you will be drawn across these bridges to a relaxing, comforting, and inspiring wonderland, where you will rest in nothing and fly in everything.”

—Kang Liu, Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, DukeUniversity

“He may talk about doing nothing, but Qiguang Zhao seems to do everything, as he deftly weaves various strands of Eastern and Western wisdom. The result is a gem, worthy of interest to those inclined to think outside our ethnocentric boxes.”

—James F. Fisher, Professor of Anthropology Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan

Profound and practical wisdom springs to life in this insightful account of the ancient and ever-present Taoist teachings. Qiguang Zhao’s gift as a storyteller combines with his deep understanding of Taoist principles to make this book enjoyable and instructive.

—Judith Blackstone, author of The Enlightenment Process
Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 A Manifesto of Modern Taoism 
CHAPTER2 Many Thinkers, One Tao 
CHAPTER 3 Take It Easy and Take Care 
CHAPTER 4 Take It Easy, but Take It 
CHAPTER 6 Wu Bu Wei 
CHAPTER 7 The Universe and Us 
CHAPTER 8 Reversing 
CHAPTER 9 Naming 
CHAPTER 10 Emptiness 
CHAPTER 11 Water 
CHAPTER 12 Calm.Down 
CHAPTER 13 Serenity and Health 
CHAPTER 14 Eating 
CHAPTER 15 Sleeping 
CHAPTER 16 Do Nothing, Only Breathe 
CHAPTER 17 Learning 
CHAPTER 18 Justice 
CHAPTER 19 Work and Leisure 
CHAPTER 20 Fame and Fortune 
CHAPTER 21 Beauty 
CHAPTER 22 Love 
CHAPTER 23 The Intercourse between Yin and Yang 
CHAPTER 24 Ambition 
CHAPTER 25 Flying 
CHAPTER25 Do Nothing in this World 
CHAPTER 27 Walking 
CHAPTER28 Tai Chi Boxing, Doing Nothing 
CHAPTER29 Tai Chi Sword, Doing Everything 
CHAPTER 30 Happiness 
CHAPTER 31 No Regrets 
CHAPTER 32 Longevity 
CHAPTER 33 Life & Death 
APPENDIX A When the Red Guards Knock 
APPENDIX B In Memory of Hal Zi, Who Died for Beauty 
APPENDIX C Student Contributions
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Modern man's response to stress is just like the caveman's.His pancreas cranks out a lot of insulin, his blood pressurerises very high, and his blood sugar shoots up to prepare for anaction that he ultimately cannot take. He cannot fight or fly; hecannot kick his boss or jump out the window. Instead, he usuallyresponds by becoming frustrated, angry, and maybe depressed. 
Most of our problems do not merit the full fight-or-flightresponse. The high blood pressure to heighten physical alertnessis not as necessary in modern life as it was in prehistoric times.If your mind continually feels "stressed out," your body maymaintain an abnormally high level of responsiveness, creatingan artificially induced state of high blood pressure. Modern lifeneeds a third mode, beyond the first one (fight) and the secondone (flight). This third mode is nonaction. Instead of punishingourselves for others' mistakes, we should do nothing. That is, weshould either ignore the situation, because we cannot control it,or do everything by following the course of nature. 
Instead of worrying, modern man can walk out of hiscramped office, watch the flowers grow, hear the birds sing, gazeat the stars shining. He can do everything as nature does, becausehe is in this world for only a short visit. He does not have tosolve the problems of his immediate surroundings, a limitedenvironment that temporarily constrains him, just as he cannotsolve the problems of the explosion of stars or the disappearanceof a black hole. Yet he can fly with the stars, float with the clouds,and swim with the fish. If you cannot defeat the universe, you canjoin the universe. This is doing everything while doing nothing.
Do Nothing & Do Everything: An Illustrated New Taoism