Chinese for Western Medicine - Reading and Writing

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Author: Wang Jun;
Language: English
Format: Paper
Page: 232
Publication Date: 01/2014
ISBN: 9787561936115
Usage Advice: 4 class hours for each of the 15 lessons

Level: Elementary, Intermediate

The Series of Specialized Chinese Textbooks for Foreigners Studying in China is suitable for foreigners in China who major in Science & Engineering, Western Medicine, Economics & Trade, Chinese Medicine and relevant subjects and whose Chinese proficiency is at the elementary or intermediate level. It aims at training students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills which are essential in their study of Science & Engineering, Western Medicine, Economics & Trade, Chinese Medicine and other subjects, teaching them the basic vocabulary, word-building rules, expressions and sentence patterns for the specific subject and paving their way to undergraduate studies.
This is a major language book in the Western Medicine subseries, including a total of 15 lessons divided according to the implicit topics and medical subjects corresponding to the “Listening and Speaking” course book. Each lesson is composed of six parts—“Learning objectives”, “Warming-up activities”, “Preparations for this lesson”, “Texts and new words”, “Post-reading activities” and “Learning of specific language skills”. Each lesson includes three texts increasing in difficulty and showing different emphases; the new words are mainly medical terms which keep appearing in the book; the part of specific language skills focuses on the learning of word-building rules of medical terms and some common sentence patterns. The book reveals the features of medical Chinese teaching from different aspects.

About the Author
Wang Jun, an associate professor, is a member of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Government Scholarship for Foreigners’ College Prep Education, the Ministry of Education of PRC. Ms. Wang is in charge of affairs regarding college prep education. She is the deputy head of the College of International Education, Shandong University.
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Chinese for Western Medicine - Reading and Writing