Advanced Chinese News Reading Course I

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Usage Advice: · For advanced adult students of Chinese and junior undergraduates studying in China.· Each topic takes six class hours, i.e., the “Text” section takes four class hours and the “Extended Reading” two class hours.· Teachers can replace the articles in the “ExtendedReading” section with the latest news based on their teaching needs.

Level: Advanced
For College, Adults

Advanced Chinese News Reading Course is a news reading textbook for undergraduates or advanced students majoring in Chinese who have mastered more than 5,000 words, and also for self-taught learners with the equivalent Chinese proficiency. This set of textbooks aims to cultivate learners' ability to read Chinese news, so that they can obtain all kinds of information from Chinese news to meet their needs in study, life or work.
This set of textbooks consists of two volumes, each including 10 lessons. Based on the news themes, it has such topics as language and characters, mobile payment, traditional culture, women's status, “One Belt and One Road”, climate change, living consumption, overseas returnees, “post-90s generation”, rural migrant workers, reading classics, university students' employment, leisure sports, transportation in China, made in China, artificial intelligence, provide for the aged, sense of happiness, attitudes towards marriage and love, etc., endeavoring to reflect contemporary China in all directions and at all levels. In terms of the content, this set of news reading textbooks focuses on the combination of language skills and China's national conditions; in terms of the training of skills, it emphasizes the combination of intensive reading and extensive reading. To reconcile the natural contradiction between the stability of textbooks and the timeliness of news, this set of textbooks has specially designed the “Extended Reading” section, which provides teachers with a certain degree of freedom. They can replace articles with the current ones according to their teaching needs, thus keeping pace with the times.

About the Author
Dr. Yu Jie has been engaged in international Chinese language education for more than 10 years at School of Chinese Studies of Beijing Language and Culture University. Her main research areas include international education of Chinese language and Chinese philology. She taught a series of intermediate and advanced courses, including Basics of News Language in Sophomore Year, News Reading, News Audiovisual and Cultural Discussion in Junior Year, and Topics in Contemporary Chinese in Senior Year. She has co-authored Exploring Chinese Culture—A Chinese Reader, Advanced Chinese Audiovisual Course (I & II) and other readers and textbooks.

Liu Liping, graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a PhD degree in 2006, is an Associate Professor of this university. She focuses her research areas on Chinese syntax, semantics and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She has presided over two university scientific research projects, participated in a project sponsored by National Social Science Fund and a project sponsored by a planning fund of the Ministry of Education. She has published a monograph and seven papers in Chinese Teaching in the World, Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies and Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages. She has been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for a long time, and participated in the compilation of a set of national publication planning textbooks.

Xia Kexin, graduated from the Graduate School of Mass Media at Kansai University in Japan, has worked as a program director for Jilin TV Station for five years, and is now a teacher at Beijing Language and Culture University. She is engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and teaches the course entitled Basics of News Language.

1. Systematicness: Advanced Chinese News Reading Course and Advanced Chinese Audiovisual Course have the same selection standards, which strengthen Chinese input from both reading and audiovisual aspects;2. Practicability: It selects typical articles, common words and structures used in news to help readers draw inferences;3.Timeliness: The news in the last five years accounts for more than 90% of the book, providing the latest Chinese news and information;4.Authority: Students can understand a real China through the words of Chinese mainstream media;5. Authenticity: The news reports are original and authentic, which help students quickly improve their Chinese news reading ability.
Advanced Chinese News Reading Course I