China and International Financial Security

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Language: English
Page: 216
Publication Date: 04/2019
ISBN: 9787508534275

On several occasions since 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of China’s active participation in the international efforts to reform the system of global governance. Written by a group of prominent Chinese scholars and officials, the China and Global Governance Series aims to present the international readers with China’s approach to global governance and the Chinese wisdom behind it. In the ten titles forming this series, the authors elaborate on China’s perspectives on global governance, peace, and development, as well as seven other important aspects of global governance—financial security, energy security, climate change management, foreign aid, cybersecurity, human rights protection, and anti-terrorism.

About Author

ZHANG Hongli is a professor teaching at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University. Zhang is the author of Finance and National Security, Chinese Finance and Global Governance, and Red Finance. He has also published dozens of scholarly articles including “Financial Security and National Interest,” “Finance Plus and Values Safety,” “Global Governance of International Finance and China’s Contribution,” and “The Finance-Led Belt and Road.”

Table of Contents
Chapter One China’s Approach to International Financial Security
1.1 International Financial Security as a Public Good in Deficit
1.2 Challenges to International Financial Security in the New Era
1.3 Reform and Innovation for the Sustainability of International Financial Security
Chapter Two China’s Top-Level Design
2.1 The Principle of Achieving Shared Growth through Discussion and Collaboration
2.2 Financial Security System within China’s Holistic Approach to National Security
2.3 Giving Developing Nations a Stronger Right to Representation in Global Governance
Chapter Three Financial Regulation System as Cornerstone
3.1 International Financial Regulations in Global Financial Security
3.2 International Financial Regulation System Reform after the Financial Crisis
3.3 A New Regulatory System Based on Equal-Footed Consultation
Chapter Four Economic Cooperation as the Material Basis
4.1 International Financial Security Requires Reinforced Economic Cooperation
4.2 China’s Actions for the Advancement of International Economic Cooperation
4.3 The Belt and Road Initiative Leads a New Order of International Economic Cooperation
Chapter Five Reforming the International Currency System
5.1 The International Currency System as a Linchpin of International Financial Security
5.2 The Growing Need for an International Currency System Reform
5.3 Contributing Chinese Wisdom to the International Currency System Reform
Chapter Six The Development of International Financial Capabilities
6.1 Reflecting the Interests of all Parties in International Financial Market Governance
6.2 The Necessity of Stock and Incremental Reforms in International Financial Institutions
6.3 Chinese Finance in the New Era Integrates China with the World
Chapter Seven Building a Sound Financial Ecosystem
7.1 Scientific and Technological Development’s Dual Impact on International Financial Security
7.2 Global Environmental Threats in International Financial Security
7.3 China’s Active Role in Building a Global Financial Ecosystem
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China and International Financial Security