Chinese Traditional Instrumental Music

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Table of Contents
A.Defining Instrumental Music and the Concept of Yuezhong(Music Genre)
B.History of Instrumental Music
1.Instrumental Music in the Pre—Qin Dynasty
2.Instrumental Music from the Qin and Han to Wei and Jin Dynasties
3.Instrumental Music in the Sui and Tang Dynasties
4.1nstrumental Music in the Song,Liao,Jin,and Yuan Dynasties
5.Instrumental Music of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
C.Regional Styles of Folk Instrumental Music: Key Elements
1.The Influence of Performing Techniques of Musical Instruments on
Characteristics of Melodic Style
2.Conventional Melodic Elaboration Technique in Folk Music
3.The Types of Ensembles
Part Ⅰ Major Genres and Artistic Characteristics of Solo Music
Chapter 1 Di,Shen.g,and Xiao Music
A.An Overview of Di Flute
1.Historical Evolution
2.Organological Studies of Di Flute
B.Ban,gdi Flute and Its Music in North China
1.Typical Masterpieces and Performing Style
2.Techniques of Melodic Expansion in Bangdi Flute Music
C.Di Flute Music in South China
1.Repertoire and Performing Style
2.Techniques of Melodic Elaboration in Qudi Flute Music
D.Characteristics of Performing Techniques of Flute
1.Fingering Techniques of Bamboo Flute
2.Di Flute Performing Techniques
E.Sheng (Mouth Organ) ,Hulu Sheng(Gourd Mouth Organ),and Lu Sheng (Bamboo Mouth Organ) Music
1.Sheng (Mouth Organ) Music
2.Music of Hulu Shen,g
3.Music of Lu Sheng(Bamboo Mouth Organ)
F.Music of Dongxiao(Vertical Bamboo Flute)
1.Historical Evolution
2.A Brief Introduction to the Instrument
3.Performing Style of Don,gxiao Music
Chapter 2 Music for Erhu,Banhu and Matou,qin
A.A Brief Introduction to Erhu
1.Historical Evolution
2.A Brief Introduction of the Instruments
B.Hua Yanjun and His Erhu Performance
1.Erhu Masterpieces by Hua Yanjun
2.Artistic Characteristics of Erhu,Pieces by Hua Yanjun
C.Erhu Music by the National Musician Liu Tianhua
1.Erhu Music Composed by Liu Tianhua
2.Characteristics of Masterpieces by Liu Tianhua and His Contribution to the Development of Erhu Music
D.Contemporary Erhu Performing Art
1.A Brief Introduction
2.Analyses of the Selected Works
D.Characteristics of Erhu Performing Techniques
1.Tuning systems
2.Performing Techniques
1.Brief Introduction of Banhu
2.Development of Solo Music for Banhu
G.Music of Matouqin,(Horse Head Fiddle)
1.A Brief Introduction of Matouqin
2.Matouqin Music
Chapter 3 Zheng Zither Music
A.An Overview of the Instrument Zheng
1.Historical Evolution
2.A Brief Introduction of the Instrument
B.Traditional Zheng Music in Various Regions
1.Shandong Zheng Music
2.Henan Zheng Music
3.Wulin Zhen,g Music
4.Hakka Zhen,g Music
5.Chaozhou Zheng Music
6.Korean Gayageum,Music
7.Mongolian Jatag Music
C.Newly Composed Zheng Master Pieces
1.A Brief Introduction
2.Introduction to Selected Compositions
D.Characteristics of Zheng Performing Techniques
1.Pressing,Vibration and Sliding Techniques of Left Hand
2.Glissan,dos and Chords Played by Right Hand(or Both Hands)
E.68—Beat Structure Used in Traditional Zhen,g Music
Chapter 4 Pipa Lute and San,xian Lute Music
A.A Brief Introduction of Pipa
1.Historical Evolution
2.A Brief Organological Introduction to the Instrument
B.Important Musical Scores and Schools of Performance
1.Ancient Pipa Music Collections
2.Recent Pipa Music Collections and Performing Schools
C.Pipa Traditional Music
1.Pipa Wuqu(Military Style) Pieces
2.Pipa Wen,qu(Music in Elegant Style)
3.Pipa Daqu(Large Pieces)
D.Newly Arranged and Composed Pipa Pieces
2.Analyses of Selected Works
D.Characteristics of Pipa Performing Techniques
1.Major Right—hand Techniques
2.Major Left—hand Techniques
3.Composite Techniques
4.Special Techniques
F.Music of Sanxian(Three—Stringed Lute)
1.Historical Evolution
2.Sanxian Music
Chapter 5 Guqin,Music
A.A Brief Introduction to Guqin(Seven—Stringed Zither)
1.Historical Evolution
2.A Brief Introduction of Guqin the Instrument
B.Influential Qin,Music Collections,Performing Schools and Theoretical Treatises
1.Important Qin Music Collections and Schools
2.A Brief Introduction to Qin Studies
C.Representative Pieces Performed by Guan Pinghu
1.Liushui(Flowing Water) ,Version in Tianwenge Qinpu(Music Scores for the Qin,from Tianwenge) Printed in 1876
2.Guanglin,g San(Story of Guangling) from Shenqi Mipu(Mysterious and Secret Scores) Printed in 1425
D.Representative Pieces Performed by Wu Jinglue
1."Meihu,a Sannon,g"(Plum Blossom in Three Variations) ,from Qinpu Xiesheng(Music Score for the Qin with a Harmonious Sound) ,Printed in 1820
2.Xiaoxian,g Shuiyun(Mist and Clouds Over the Dongting Lake) ,from Wuzhizhai Qinpu(Qin,Traditions from Wuzhizhai) Printed in 1722
E.Characteristics of Guqin Performing Techniques
1.San,(open string) Sound
3.Pressed Notes
Part Ⅱ Major Types and Artistic Characteristics of Ensemble Music
Chapter 6 Genres of Xiansuo(String) Music
A.Xiansuo Shisantao(Thirteen Suites for String Ensemble)
1.A Brief Introduction
2.Analysis of Selected Work: Hehuan Lin,g(Happiness of Unification)
B.Henan Dadiao Quzi Bantouqu (Instrumental Introduction for Narrative Singing of Hennan Province)
1.A Brief Introduction
2.Analysis of Selected Works: Gaoshan Liu.chui(High Mountain and Flowing Streams)
Chapter 7 Sizhu(Silk—and—Bamboo) Musical Genres
Chapter 8 Drum—and—Wind Music
Chapter 9 Wind— and—Percussion Music:
Chapter 10 Genres of Lu.ogu Yue Percussion Music
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Chinese Traditional Instrumental Music