Research Report on Global Electricity-Carbon Market

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This report studies the overall design, development priorities, development paths and benefits of the Global Electricity-Carbon Market (GE-CM). The report consists of five chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the situation of climate change and energy transition, analyzes the necessity and significance, and proposes the basic concept of a Global Electricity-Carbon Market. Chapter 2 proposes the overall plan of the Global Electricity-Carbon Market, presents the functional objectives, market structure, participants, trading products and key mechanisms of the market, and analyzes the relationship between the
Global Electricity-Carbon Market and the Global Energy Interconnection (GEI). Chapter 3 analyzes the priorities during the construction of the National, Regional/ Sub-regional and Global Electricity-Carbon Markets, from the perspectives of clean energy development, grid interconnection and market construction. Chapter 4 proposes the development path of the Global Electricity-Carbon Market with the stage goals by 2025, 2035 and 2050. Chapter 5 analyzes the diversified benefits and values of Global Electricity-Carbon Market in delivering benefits in economy, accelerating clean energy transition, ensuring safe and efficient energy supply, and addressing climate change and environmental pollution issues.
Research Report on Global Electricity-Carbon Market