Easy Recipes Easy Chinese

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  • Author: Ji Wei;
  • Language: English
  • Format: Papercover
  • Page: 139
  • Publication Date: 01/2009
  • ISBN: 7802006449,9787802006447
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
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This book presents you with 69 easy recipes for famous, home-style Chinese dishes. Each recipe is accompanied by cultural tips, and some beginners' Chinese to show you more of China. Out of these recipes you can create a Chinese feast, or simply add some Chinese flavor to your dinner table just by following these directions.The carefully selected tips invite you to savor the taste of Chinese culture. From the philosophy behind Chinese cooking, the symbolic meanings of certain dishes, to table manners, your knowledge of China may start from your kitchen. What's more, learning the common expressions used for food and dining in this way makes learning Chinese easy and fun!
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Sample pages of Easy Recipes Easy Chinese (ISBN:7802006449,9787802006447)

Sample pages of Easy Recipes Easy Chinese (ISBN:7802006449,9787802006447)

In terms of cuisine, there is a considerable difference between Chi-na and the West. Chinese cuisine can be much more individualizedand impulsive than Western cuisine. Although there are recipes tofollow, cooks frequently adjust the seasonings and even ingredientsthey use, according to the preferences and wishes of their custom-ers, which makes each dish creatively unique. Take the cold dishFlavored Cucumber as an example. The flavor of this simple, colddish differs from place to place, depending on local tastes. Peoplein Shanxi Province (in North China) like vinegar, so they will addmore vinegar to the dish; people in Sichuan Province (in southernChina) prefer spicy foods, so naturally they will prepare this dishwith more chilies; people in Jiangsu Province (in eastern China) en-joy sweet foods, and therefore sugar will be the seasoning of choicefor this dish. Though the style of cuisine may vary from place toplace, the pursuit of taste remains the main aim of every region.
Easy Recipes Easy Chinese