Chinese Home-Style Cooking

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The focus of this book is on family-style Chinese cooking. It includes recipes chosen from all the different cooking styles of North and South China. The recipes use everyday ingredients and simple techniques easily within the grasp of most homemakers. The illustrations are of actual dishes created by Chinese house-wives. However, we have also included recipes for some of China's most celebrated dishes. Although their preparation is more time-consuming and involves many more steps, they are not as complicated as they may appear at first glance, and you may wish to try them when you want to regale your family or guests with a special feast.
Table of Contents
Author's Foreword
Chinese Cooking Techniques
Basic Equipment for a Chinese Home
Pork Dishes
Beef and Mutton Dishes
Poultry and Egg Dishes
Fish and Seafood Dishes
Vegetable and BeancCurd Dishes
Sweet Dishes
Rce, Noodles and Dumplings
Sample Menus for a Family Dinner
Index of Recipes
Chinese Home-Style Cooking