China and Global Governance Series: China and Cybersecurity

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On several occasions since 2016, Chinese President Xi stressed the importance of China's active participation in the international efforts to reform the system of global governance. Written by a group of prominent Chinese scholars and officials, the China and Global Governance Series aims to present the international readers with China's approach to global governance and the Chinese wisdom behind it. In the ten titles forming this series, the authors elaborate on China's perspectives on global governance, peace, and development, as well as seven other important aspects of global governance-financial security, energy security, climate change management, foreign aid, cybersecurity, human rights protection, and anti-terrorism.

About Author
LU Chuanying, Secretary General and Director, Cyberspace International Governance Research Center, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies
LI Yan, Associate Director, Institute of Cybersecurity Studies, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations 
ZUO Xiaodong, Vice President, China Information Security Research Institute 
HONG Yanqing, Associate Researcher, School of Law, Beijing Institute of Technology 
CHEN Xingyue, Secretary General, China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance
Table of Contents
Chapter One International Cybersecurity Governance and a Community of Shared Future in Cyberspace 
1.1 Analyzing the Concept of International Cybersecurity Governance 
1.2 The International Cybersecurity Dilemma 
1.3 Building a Community of Shared Future in Cyberspace 
Chapter Two China's Participation in International Cybersecurity Governance 
2.1 International Cyberspace Governance at a New Stage: Highlighting Security Governance 
2.2 China's Participation in International Cybersecurity Governance 
2.3 China's Proposals for Selected Governance Issues 
2.4 China's Future Participation in International Cybersecurity Governance 
Chapter Three Top-Level Design of China's Cybersecurity System 
3.1 The Correct Outlook on Cybersecurity 
3.2 Strengthening the Strategic Guidance on Cybersecurity 
3.3 Establishing a Sound Legal System for Cybersecurity 
3.4 Building a Sound Cybersecurity Standardization System 
Chapter Four Key Fields of China's Cybersecurity Protection 
4.1 Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure 
4.2 Protection of Data Security 
Chapter Five China's Cybersecurity Capacity Building 
5.1 Cybersecurity Technology Industry 
5.2 Cybersecurity Technology 
5.3 Cybersecurity Talent
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of China and Global Governance Series: China and Cybersecurity (ISBN:9787508542362)
Sample pages of China and Global Governance Series: China and Cybersecurity (ISBN:9787508542362)
Sample pages of China and Global Governance Series: China and Cybersecurity (ISBN:9787508542362)

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Internet and the 25th anniversary of China's connection to the Internet. During this time, China has grown from a latecomer in the Internet world to a major cyber power with 900 million Internet users and a group of globally renowned Internet companies, affirming itself as an important country in cyberspace. n
While China's Internet is developing at a rapid pace, it also faces significant cybersecurity challenges such as threats to personal data protection and critical information infrastructure, and cybercrime. President Xi Jinping pointed out that "without cybersecurity, there will be no national security or stable economic and social operations, and the interests of the majority of the people will not be guaranteed." Addressing these challenges not only concerns China's cyber sovereignty, but also benefits its 900 million netizens and the healthy development of the Internet industry. 
As a common challenge facing the international community, ensuring cybersecurity is the shared responsibility and obligation of governments, the private sector, and users; thus enhancing international communication and cooperation is an important step in this regard. In his congratulatory letter to the 2019 World Internet Congress, President Xi said, "It is the shared responsibility of the international community to develop, use, and govern the Internet well for the benefit of mankind. All countries should keep abreast of the latest developments, courageously shoulder the responsibility for Internet development, meet its risks and challenges together, jointly promote global cyberspace governance, and work together to build a community of shared
China and Global Governance Series: China and Cybersecurity