The Diaoyu Islands

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Table of Contents
Knowing Diaoyu Dao 
The Values of Diaoyu Dao 
Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights and lnterests
Natural Resources 
Security and Strategic Values 
Political Values 
Why Does Diaoyu Dao Belong to China? 
Diaoyu Dao was First Discovered, Named and Exploited by China 
Diaoyu Dao Had Long Been under China's Jurisdiction 
Chinese and Foreign Maps Show that Diaoyu Dao Belongs to China 
How Did Japan Grab Diaoyu Dao from China? 
Japan's Long—term Covert Moves to Seize Diaoyu Dao 
Japan's Secret Incorporation of Diaoyu Dao into Its Territory 
Diaoyu Dao was Ceded to Japan together with the Taiwan Island 
Transfer of Real Property Right after Japan's Occupation of Diaoyu Dao 
Japan Should Return Diaoyu Dao to China After WWⅡ 
Stipulations in Cairo Declaration: All the Territories Japan has Stolen from the Chinese Shall be Restored to China 
Potsdam Proclamation: Limiting Japanese Sovereignty 
Japan's Surrender Documents Admitting its International Obligations 
Root of the Trouble: U.S.'s Administration" 
Diaoyu Dao Never Belongs to the Ryukyu Islands 
The United States Illegally Included Diaoyu Dao under Its "Trusteeship" of the Ryukyu Archipelago 
The United States and Japan Conducted Backroom Deals Conceming the "Power of Administration" over Diaoyu Dao 
Changes of the U.S.Positions 
Acquiescence in Shelving Differences 
China and Japan Regarded the Overall Situation of Reestablishing Diplomatic Relations and Agreed to "Shelve This Issue for the Time Being and Wait for Other Opportunities to Discuss It" 
The Acquiescence in Shelving Differences Formed during the Diplomatic Normalization of the Sino—Japanese Relations 
China's Proposal of Shelving Differences and Seeking Joint Development 
Japan's Control of Right—wingers Demonstratcs that It Acknowledges That There is A Territorial Dispute over the Diaoyu Dao 
Who Is Changing the Status Quo? 
The So—called "Power of Administration" 
Officially Supported Civil Activities 
Strictly "Coordinated Control" of Military Police 
Thorough Military Deployment of lsland Retaking 
China's Efforts to Uphold Its Sovereignty over Diaoyu Dao
Forceful Countermeasures of Chinesc Government 
Unremitting Endeavors of China's Civil Activists 
China's Steadfast Resolve to Defend Its Sovereignty 
Epilogue:Facing History Squarely and Building the Future
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Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights and Interests
State territory refers to specific parts on the earth under the jurisdiction and administration of national sovereignty consisting of territorial land, territorial waters, underlying subsoil and territorial sky above.Territorial sovereignty refers to the highest power that a nation has over the people and things within its territory.In order to better utilize the oceans, the modern international maritime laws have gradually developed and established the legal systems over various waters including continental seas, territorial waters, contiguous zones, archipelagic waters, exclusive economic zones, continental shelves, international waters, and international sea bed area.Various rights and interests that a nation enjoys in waters tipulated in the abovementioned legal systems constitute its maritime rights and interests. 
Diaoyu Dao is an island objectively existing on the earth.According to general international laws and United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), with regards to Diaoyu Dao, as a state's territory, there are territorial waters, contiguous zones, exclusive economic zones, and continental shelves. 
Territorial Limits 
Diaoyu Dao and the surrounding waters with a range of 12 nautical miles are components of China's territory and within China's sovereignty.The territory of Diaoyu Dao is composed of two parts: land and sea.The land area and the area of territorial waters are about 5.96 square kilometers and over 4,600 square kilometers respetively.The total area of Diaoyu Dao is about over 4,690 square kilometers. 
Sea Areas under National Jurisdiction 
On September 10th 2012, China published Declaration of Chinese Government on Diaoyu Dao and its Affiliated Islands and Baseline of Territorial Seas.Based on that, contiguous zones, exclusive economic zones, and continental shelf can be set up on Diaoyu Dao.
The Diaoyu Islands