Journey to the West (I-VI) - Library of Chinese Classics

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Author: Wu Cheng'en;
Language: Chinese-English
Publication Date: 04/2000
ISBN: 9787119024103
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Series: Library of Chinese Classics
Journey to the West is a classic Chinese fantasy novel. It relates the adventures of a Tang Dynasty (618-907) priest,Sanzang,and his disciples,Monkey,Pig and Friar Sand, as they travel west in search of the Buddhist scriptures. They vanquish a fearsome array of demons and monsters on their way to the Western Heaven. Monkey and Pig, prominent characters in the novel,have long been popular mythological heroes in China. The story is full of artistic appeal, and at the same time it reflects the progressive ideas of the society of that time.
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Journey to the West (I-VI) - Library of Chinese Classics