A Dream Under the Southern Bough - Library of Chinese Classics

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A Dream under the Southern Bough, written in 1600, is a representative work of Tang Xianzu, a distinguished playwright of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The play is about a dream, in which the hero, a discharged army officer named Chunyu Fen, dreams that he enters an ant hole, and ends up marrying the daughter of the king of the ants. The king appoints Chunyu Fen to a high position in his administration…

The play is known as one of "the four dreams".

About Translator
Zhang Guangqian, Professor of English at the University of Science and Technology of China. Graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, Anhui University, in 1976, and the postgraduate Research and Study Program in English Language and Literature, Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages, in 1985. His major translations include: 2006,Selected Plays from the Yuan Dynasty. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press. 2003,A Dream under the Southern Bough. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press. 2001,The Peony Pavilion. Beijing: Foreign languages Press. 1998,Into the Porcelain pillow-101 Tales from Records of the Taiping Era. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press. 1994,The Peony Pavilion. Beijing: Tourism Education Press.
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A Dream Under the Southern Bough - Library of Chinese Classics