Jinshan Peasant Painting

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Located in the south-west suburbs of Shanghai and on Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan District boasts beautiful scenery and rich soil, and it has long been called "the land of fish and rice". The beautiful and rich natural surroundings have cultivated Jinshan people with simplicity, diligence and love for art. In 1974, the creation of Jinshan Peasant Paintings was organized by the County Culture Center. Breaking away from the academic style, Jinshan Peasant Paintings have their own special local flavour.The Third Jinshan Peasant Painting Album published this time gathers most of the prize-winning pieces in various competitions and some excellant works of recent years. With exaggerative methods, original conceptions, simple images, full compositions, bright colors and local delight of life, these works reflect the simple feelings of the working people, extoll the new life of the peasants and express their glorious ideals, which have become a new form of local painting that is loved by the people both at home and abroad.
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Jinshan Peasant Painting