Introduction to Railway Engineering (2nd Edition)

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Author: Tian Hongqi; Chen Chunyang; Yan Bin; Wang You; Li Wei; ;
Language: English
Page: 213
Publication Date: 08/2021
ISBN: 9787548745204
Publisher: Central South University Press
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Overview of transportation development
1.2 Basic classification of modem transportation
1.3 Basic functions of transportation
1.4 The nature and characteristics of railway transportation
1.5 Basic procedures for railway construction
Chapter 2 Railway Development
2.1 History of world railway development
2.2 The development of China railway
2.3 Overview of China's railway transport in recent years
2.4 China's plan of railway construction
2.5 Current international railway development
Chapter 3 Railway Line
3. 1 Basic classification of railway
3.2 Railway line concept and basic composition
3.3 Basic composition and function of ballasted track structure
3.4 Type and composition of ballastless track structure
3.5 Laying and construction technology of track structure
3.6 High-speed railway
Chapter 4 Railway Capacity
4.1 Transport volume of the line
4.2 Carrying capacity and annual line capacity
4.3 Main technical standards
Chapter 5 Railway Bridge
5.1 Introduction-railway bridge
5.2 Basic components and classification of bridges
5.3 Introduction to bridge project examples
5.4 Bridge piers and foundations
5.5 Overview of bridge design
5.6 Introduction to railway tunnel
5.7 Classification and structure of tunnels
5.8 Brief introduction to main construction methods of tunnels
Chapter 6 Railway Stations and Yards
6.1 Railway station and its basic concept
6.2 Classification and station characteristics of railway stations
6.3 Signal and communication equipment
Introduction to Railway Engineering (2nd Edition)