Transportation Economics and Policy

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to Transportation Economics
1.1 What is transportation economics?
1.2 Research content of transportation economics
1.3 Analytical perspectives of transportation economics
Chapter 2 Transportation Demand and Forecasting
2.1 Concept and characteristics of transportation demand
2.2 Consumer utility and market demand
2.3 Demand elasticity
2.4 Transportation demand forecasting and its impact on transport policy
Chapter 3 TranSportation Supply and ion
3.1 Concept and characteristics of transportation supply
3.2 Supply theorems and transportation cost analysis
3.3 Transportation supply and government intervention
Chapter Transportation Costs
4.1 Concepts and classifications of costs
4.2 Characteristics, classifications and components of transportation costs
4.3 Transportation cost analysis
Chapter 5 Transportation Price
5.1 Concepts and classifications of prices
5.2 Characteristics and classifications of transport price
5.3 Transportation pricing strategy
Chapter 6 Transportation Market and Enterprises
6.1 Transportation market: concept, functions, and classification
6.2 Transportation market equilibrium and structure
6.3 Intermodal markets and behavioral choices of transportation enterprises
Chapter 7 Transportation Investment and Financing
7.1 Classification and investment attributes of transportation infrastructure
7.2 Analysis framework for investment and financing of transportation infrastructure
7.3 Transportation infrastructure financing channels
7.4 Operational and management models of transportation infrastructure
Chapter 8 Introduction to Transportation Policy
8.1 Transportation policy: concept and functions
8.2 Contents and manifestation of transportation policy
8.3 Characteristics and system architecture of transportation policy
8.4 Compilation procedure and evaluation of transportation policies
Chapter 9 Transportation Industry Regulation
9.1 Overview of government regulation
9.2 Reasons for regulation in the transportation industry
9.3 Basic models of regulation in the transportation industry
9.4 Development trends in transportation industry regulation
Chapter 10 Green Transportation and Sustainability
10.1 Concept of green transportation
10.2 Evaluation of green transportation
10.3 Sustainable development of transportation
Chapter 11 Prospective Development of Transportation Policy
11.1 Transportation and humanities
11.2 Transportation and economy
11.3 Transportation and energy
11.4 Transportation and environment
11.5 Transportation and technology
Transportation Economics and Policy