Transportation Enterprise Management

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to Modern Enterprise Management
1.1 Introduction to modern enterprise
1.2 Evolution of management theory
1.3 Transportation enterprise management
Chapter 2Strategy Management of Transport Enterprise
2.1 Introduction to strategic management
2.2 Strategic environment analysis
2.3 Strategic choice
2.4 Strategy implementation
Case 2.1 Medium and Long-Term Railway Network PlanCase
2.2 China-Europe freight train
Chapter 3 Transportation Market Survey
3.1 The concept of market survey
3.2 Content of market survey
3.3 Survey based on a quantitative analysis
3.4 Survey practice
Case 3.1 Service quality evaluation indicator system of railway container multimodal transport
Chapter 4 Operation Management of Transport Enterprise
4.1 Introduction of operation management
4.2 Design of ion operation system
4.3 Operation of transportation system
Case 4.1 Integration of six roles into one-optimizing passenger service process in smalt railway stations
Chapter 5 Marketing of Transport Enterprise
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Marketing mix in transportation
5.3 Customer relationship management
Case 5.1 Customer survey and classification at Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Company
Chapter 6Equipment Management of Transport Enterprise
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Equipment management mode
6.3 Spare parts management
6.4 Equipment maintenance and management
6.5 Green maintenance and remanufacturing engineering
Case 6.1 Vehicle maintenance layout
Chapter 7 Team Management in Transportation Enterprises
7.1 Overview
7.2 Team ion management
7.3 Team site management
7.4 Team safety management
7.5 Team leader's competence
Case 7.1 Team management in the Operations Control Department of an airline subsidiary
Case 7.2 Organizational structure and team setup in urban rail transit
Chapter 8 Quality Control of Transportation Enterprises
8.1 Overview of service quality
8.2 Quality cost management
8.3 Service blueprint and quality control in transportation process
Case 8.1 Biometric check-in at a railway station
Chapter 9 Information Management in Transport Enterprises
9.1 Overview
9.2 Management procedures and methods of transport enterprise information
9.3 Building informationization for transportation enterprises
Case 9.1 Design of the intelligent level evaluation index system for urban publictransit operation and dispatch automation
Transportation Enterprise Management