Tracing the Roots of Chinese Characters: 500 Cases (Sequel) (2nd Edition)

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Author: Li Leyi;
Language: Chinese
Format: Book
Page: 500
Publication Date: 01/2015
ISBN: 9787561941218

Level: Intermediate, Advanced ; Adults

This is a popular reading material about Chinese characters,introducing a total of 500 common Chinese characters. The book employs plentyof illustrations to depict the original forms of the characters, explains theiroriginal meanings and presents the processes of how they have evolved fromoracle bone inscriptions to bronze inscriptions, small seal style, officialstyle, standard style, cursive style and running style, which effectivelydeepens one’s understanding of the meanings of Chinese characters and learnabout the cultural connotations embodied in the characters.

Usage Advice: To be used as an auxiliaryresource, a self-learning material or a leisure reading matter.

About the Author
Researcher Li Leyi is the former chief of State LanguageAffairs Commission and the former director of the Institute of AppliedLinguistics, Ministry of Education.

Tracing the Roots of Chinese Characters: 500 Cases (Sequel) (2nd Edition)