Asia and the Lights of Civilization

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Table of Contents
Prelude Shoulder to Shoulder, Under the Starry Sky

Chapter Ⅰ An Encyclopedia of Civilizations
Origin of Agriculture: Early Encounter with Seeds
Burning Kiln Fire: From Pottery to Porcelain
Cotton and Silk: Weaving Beautiful Garments
Architecture and Towns: Maturity and Rise of Civilizations
Oriental Music: Vibrant Ancient Rhythms
Wonderful Wheel: Exploring Distant Lands
Figures and Math: Basis of Laws and Rules
Written Language: Sending Information across Space and Time
Code of Hammurabi: The Earliest Written Law
Confucianism: Confucius' Oriental Philosophy
Religion: Cradle of Human Beliefs

Chapter Ⅱ Inheritance and Innovation
The Silk Road: Outstanding Example of Dialogue between Civilizations
Cultural Relics: Memories of Splendid Civilizations
Asian Culture: A Diverse Cultural System
Ao Dai and Batik: Lasting Vitality of Traditional Clothing
Persian Rugs: Treasures of Art on the Ground
The Festival of the Tooth: Legacies of Sinhalese Culture
Maldives: Endowment by Mother Nature
Burj Khalifa: Sky-scraping Human Imagination
Coloring Civilizations: Harmony in Diversity

Chapter Ⅲ A History of Exchange
Chinese Civilization: Openness and Integration
Icing Methods: Learning from Others and Innovating
Integration: Charm and Results of Exchange and Mutual Learning
Samarkand Paper: Exchange Changed the World
Grand Cityscape of Changan: Attracting Guests from All Directions
Lapis Lazuli Road: Developed International Trade
Spread of Religions: Flowing Cultural Forces
Indian Sari and Water-Sprinkling Festival: Charm of Flowing Culture
Phoenician Alphabet: Origin of the Alphabet in the World
Arab Spices: Influencing the World's Gustatory Sense
One Thousand and One Nights: Most Splendid Monument of Folk Literature
Arab Culture: The Harakah al-Tarjamah Preserved Books
Learn from Each Other for a Harmonious World

Epilogue Common Aspiration, Shared Responsibility
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Asia and the Lights of Civilization (ISBN:9787119121130)
Sample pages of Asia and the Lights of Civilization (ISBN:9787119121130)
Sample pages of Asia and the Lights of Civilization (ISBN:9787119121130)
Sample pages of Asia and the Lights of Civilization (ISBN:9787119121130)
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Asia and the Lights of Civilization