Railway Passenger Transportation

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Author: Jia Junfang; Han Baoming; ;
Language: English
Page: 472
Publication Date: 01/2021
ISBN: 9787113265885
Publisher: China Railway Press
Series: A Series of Textbooks on Railway Transportation for the Belt and Road
Table of Contents
Chapter ⅠIntroduction1

1.1The Distinctive Aspects of Railway Passenger Transportation and Its Significance,
Role and Development Trend1
1.2Products of and Contracts Regarding Railway Passenger Transportation10
1.3The Route Network Planning and the Distinctive Aspects of the Transportation
Organization of China's HSR20
1.4The Organization System of Railway Passenger Transportation in China36
Review Exercises39
Chapter ⅡRailway Passenger Transportation Demand and Market Survey40
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With the large scale construction and successful operation of high speed railway, railway passenger transportation system of China has become the world leader in terms of technical level, transportation organization and operation management. High speed railway of China to the world is not only the need of macroeconomic strategic layout, but also the responsibility of railway development and service to the whole society. This textbook can be used for undergraduates and masters of railway transportation for running schools abroad, which is also applicable to the external training of all kinds of railway transportation professional technical personnel and be the reference use of technical personnel.
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