Concise History of the Communist Party of China

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Table of Contents
Ⅰ Modern China and the Founding of the CPC 
Ⅱ The Revolution, Construction and Reform of China 
Ⅲ The Theories of the CPC 
Ⅳ Democratic Centralism of the CPC 
Adhere to and Improve the System of Party Congresses 
Improve the System of Party Committees 
Reform and Improve the Inner-Party Electoral System 
Improve the System for Safeguarding Party Members' Rights
Improve Inner-Party Supervision 
Ⅴ Disciplinary and Anti-Corruption Work of the CPC 
Ⅵ Leadership System and Organization of the CPC 
Central Organizations of the Party 
Local Organizations of the Party 
Primary Party Organizations 
Organs Dispatched by the Leading Bodies of the CPC 
The Party Organizations in the Armed Forces 
Ⅶ The Relations between the CPC and Other Political Parties 
An Inevitable Choice in China's Social and Historical Development 
A Basic Political System That Suits the Conditions of China 
The Political Consultation in the Multi-Party Cooperation System 
Ⅷ Relations hetween the CPC and Political Parties of Other Countri int the World
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The stipulation on the session of the National Congress has undergone some changes over time. The current Party Constitution stipulates that "The National Congress of the Party is held once every five years and convened by the Central Committee. It may be convened before the normally scheduled date if the Central Committee deems it necessary or if more than one-third of 
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Concise History of the Communist Party of China