China Customs Statistical Yearbook 2009 (English Edition)

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China's Customs Statistics Yearbook has been compiled by the Customs General Administration of China. It is published in Chinese and English separately. The aim of this annual edition is to provide the basic information on China's external trade performances.

The 2009 issue contains the country's most detailed trade data broken down by 8 digit commodity classification based on the Harmonized System(HS) and by trading partners for the year of 2009
Customs statistics are compiled from the declarations which are made to the Customs by importers, exporters of their agents, and subject to verification by customs officers at the time of customs clearance.

Customs statistics comprise all merchandise goods passing through China's Customs territory including: goods from abroad entering customs warehouses, bonded areas or special economic zones and goods leaving above - mentioned areas to abroad; goods for inward or outward processing or assembling and subsequent re-exportation or re-importation; goods on lease ofor one year or more; goods imported or exported by foreign - invested enterprises; international aid or donations,etc.
China Customs Statistical Yearbook 2009 (English Edition)