A Series of Textbooks on Railway Transportation for the Belt and Road: Railway Transportation Facilities

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This book is one of series of textbooks on railway transportation for the Belt and Road, suitable for professional teaching of railway majors of colleges and universities and use by railway special technicians.
Railways are important national infrastructures, the main artery of national economy, and the backbone of transportation system. The railway transportation involves both personnel and materials, and it is an important link for participation in creation of social spiritual and material wealth. The purpose of railway transportation and production is to change the spatial position by movement. Railway transportation facilities are both material carriers and guarantee means to realize railway transportation. They mainly include the fixed equipment, mobile equipment and communication control equipment of each main department of railway, such as train depot, locomotive depot, track maintenance depot, signal depot and vehicle depot. With the advancement of science and technology and change of social demands, the technical facilities of railway transportation have been updated on and on, and both their technicaleconomic performance and application scope change continuously, thus facilitating the continuous technology updating and improvement of service quality.
This book is prepared according to the Regulations on Railway Technical Management and the new technologies and facilities used on the railway site. It systematically describes both basic knowledge and principles of the modern railway transportation facilities. This book is composed of eight chapters including introduction, railway line, railway station and joint terminal, railway vehicles, railway locomotive, railway signaling and communication equipment, highspeed railway, and heavy haul railway. It is prepared to have concise texts and vivid pictures, so that the students can systematically understand the railway transportation facilities and broaden their scope of knowledge by reading it, to lay a solid foundation for their future study of specialized courses or their engagement in the transportation field.
This book is mainly compiled by Song Rui from Beijing Jiaotong University who is responsible for Chapters Ⅰ, Ⅳ and Ⅴ, together with Wang Haixing (Chapters Ⅱ, Ⅶ and Ⅷ), Xu Hong (Chapter Ⅲ), and Jiang Jian (Chapter Ⅵ) from Beijing Jiaotong University.
We have consulted a large number of references when preparing this book. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the authors. As this book contains extensive contents and the authors are limited in abilities, we are open to criticism in case of any mistakes.Authors April 2020 Railway Transportation Facilities
Table of Contents
Chapter ⅠIntroduction1
1.1Overview of Railway Transportation1
1.2General Situation of Railway Development4
Reviewing Exercises17
Chapter ⅡRailway Line18
2.2Track Plan and Track Profile24
2.3Roadbed and Bridge and Tunnel Buildings35
2.6Railway Track Maintenance67
Reviewing Exercises72
Chapter ⅢRailway Station and Joint Terminal73
3.1Overview of Railway Stations 73
3.2Intermediate Stations79
3.3District Stations85
3.4Marshaling Stations92
3.5Railway joint terminal103
Reviewing Exercises109
Chapter ⅣRailway Vehicles110
4.2Basic Structure of Railway Vehicles112
4.3Vehicle Code, Marking and Technical Economic Parameters131
4.4Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance136
Reviewing Exercises142
Chapter ⅤRailway Locomotive143
5.2Diesel Locomotive144
5.3Electric Locomotive154
5.4Locomotive Inspection and Operation160
Reviewing Exercises164
Chapter ⅥRailway Signaling and Communication Equipment165
6.2Railway Signal166
6.3Interlocking Equipment171
6.4Block Device178
6.5Train Dispatching and Train Operation Control System184
6.6Railway Communication Equipment196
Reviewing Exercises202
Chapter ⅦHighSpeed Railway203
7.2The Development of High Speed Railway205
7.3High Speed Railway Infrastructure209
7.4High Speed Railway Vehicles220
Reviewing Exercises239
Chapter ⅧHeavy Haul Railway240
8.2Development of Heavy Haul Railway241
8.3Foundation Works of Heavy Haul Railway244
8.4Heavy Haul Railway Locomotives and Vehicles252
Reviewing Exercises259
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A Series of Textbooks on Railway Transportation for the Belt and Road: Railway Transportation Facilities