Peking Opera - The Performance Behind the Painted Faces

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Peking Opera is not the indigenous opera of Beijing, but a new opera that formed by absorbing several operas that were in Beijing, with a history of over 2 centuries till now. Rooted in the rich soil of Eastern culture, Peking Opera is fundamentally different from Western dramas. For modern people who watch Peking Opera for this first time, they may feel hard to understand. However, after knowing the artistic characteristics and cultural connotation of it, you will find it very interesting. Maybe some morning you will suddenly find yourself in love with Peking Opera.
Table of Contents
The Birth and Evolution of Peking Opera
The Stage, Props And Orchestra
Performing Art
Performers  and  Performing  Schools
Classic Plays
Modern Peking Operas
Conventions of Peking Opera
It Is Not Easy to Appreciate Peking Opera
Peking Opera in the Contemporary Era
Appendix: Chronological Table of the Chinese Dynasties
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Peking Opera - The Performance Behind the Painted Faces