My Father Deng Xiaoping-The War Years

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Acclaimed as the chief designer of China's reform and opening up to the outside world some 30 years ago, Deng Xiaoping was at the core of the second-generation leadership of the Communist Party of China. His ascent to power brought a fresh impetus to China's political life, as he introduced more practical and market-oriented policies into the country's economy. Today Deng Xiaoping Theory is still the banner of China's reforms.
My Father Deng Xiaoping-The War Years is a revealing biographical work by Deng's youngest daughter, Deng Rong, who was also his personal assistant from 1989, and thus has the advantage of offering the first inside account of this enigmatic Chinese leader.
Faithful to the historical facts, the book gives an insight into the first half of the personal and political life of Deng Xiaoping, as well as his path of growth, set against a myriad of historical figures and events long shrouded in mystery. The author has taken pains to provide a rich collection of his life stories, from his birth in a village in Sichuan Province, his work-study experience in France, his years in Shanghai as an underground revolutionary worker, his courtships and marriages, the ups and downs in his political and military career, and his rise as an important government official and a key leader of the Communist Party...
In 1993 the author's biography My Father Deng Xiaoping was published in Chinese. It has been translated into the Japanese, Russian, English, French, Korean, Thai and Finnish languages. Her latest book, Deng Xiaoping and the Cultural Revolution, which appeared in Chinese in 2000, has been translated into Korean and published in South Korea. The book's Russian and Japanese versions came out in 2002. The Thai, Italian and Spanish versions were also published.
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My Father Deng Xiaoping-The War Years