Innovative China: China’s Rise as a Supercomputing Power

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Language: English
Page: 420
Publication Date: 01/2019
ISBN: 9787508540023
Today, supercomputing is indispensable to the development of a nation—from strategic studies on the topic of national security to improvements in people’s living conditions. This book depicts the arduous journey of how China’s supercomputers developed from nothing and grew from being a laggard to a world leader. It tells the legendary story of China’s “Yinhe” and “Tianhe” series of supercomputers and it demonstrates the patriotic dedication and professionalism of generations of Chinese scientists and researchers in great detail.

About Author

Gong Shenghui is a representative writer of China’s military science and technology reportage. He was honoured with the prestigious award for the best theatre, TV series, book, theoretical article and movie by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. He is currently the Associate Senior Editor of the college journal of the National University of Defense Technology, a member of the China Writers Association and Vice President of the Hunan Provincial Reportage Society. He began his literature-writing career in 1994. He has published a number of full-length reports including Casting Sword, The Rise of a Power, Marching Towards Building a Strong National Defense and Realizing the Chinese Dream and The Light of National Defense. He is also the author of the full-length novel, No Tears to be Shed in Despair, and the published mediumlength novel, Bridge to Heaven and Mentor.
Zeng Fanjie is currently the Director of the College Journal Editorial Department and professor and supervisor of graduate students at the National University of Defense Technology. He is also Vice President of the Hunan Provincial Writing Society, a member of the Communication Association of China, the Executive Director of the Military Writing Society and a member of the Hunan Provincial Literary Theory Society. He is currently engaged in studies of cultural theory and communication. He has presided over or served as the main player in completing more than 20 provincial and ministerial-level projects, published four academic monographs, edited or co-edited 12 textbooks and published more than 40 academic papers.

Innovative China: China’s Rise as a Supercomputing Power