Nuosu Yi-Chinese-English Glossary

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This glossary includes words from the Yi - Chinese Glossary (Sichuan Minority Affairs Commission Yi Language Work Group and Liangshan Language Affairs Guiding Committee, unpublished 1978) and the Yi - Chinese Character Dictionary (Chengdu: Sichuan Minzu Chubanshe 1988). The Chinese and English definitions were compiled and checked through interviews, glossing of texts, conversation, and personal observation.
The main glossary lists approximately 6,200 frequently used words, along with more than 300 four syllable expressions and more than 100 three syllable forms as subentries, totaling approximately 6,600 words. Main entries are printed in Yi characters and follower by Yiyu Pinyin, IPA transcription, part of speech, Chinese definition, and English definition, with some entries including antonym references and/or subentries for related three or four syllable expressions.
This book is mainly for three kinds of people: Nuosu Yi people studying Chinese and/or English; linguists and anthropologists both inside and outside China; and development workers who work in the Liangshan region.
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Nuosu Yi-Chinese-English Glossary