Innovative China: Jiaolong’s Sea Explorations

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Author: Xu Chen;
Language: English
Page: 340
Publication Date: 01/2019
ISBN: 9787508540078
In today’s world of highly advanced technologies, human beings have planted their footprints across the North and South Poles and have conquered the highest peaks. The deep sea remains the only space with tremendous unknowns that are yet to be explored. Oceans are of strategic significance to nations. Against this backdrop, China’s “Jiaolong” submersible embarked on its deep-dive journey and made historic breakthroughs that glorify China. The author travelled with the ship for field investigation for over 50 days and conducted interviews for nearly four years. He panoramically and faithfully recollects the details of the ins and outs of “Jiaolong’s” deep dives.

About Author

Xu Chen is Vice Chairman of the Shandong Writers Association, winner of Lu Xun Literature Award, a first-grade writer, former President and Chief Editor of the Shandong Literature Magazine, a member of the Qingdao Municipal Political Consultative Conference and a highly regarded professional and technical talent in Qingdao.
From June to August 2014, at the invitation of the State Oceanic Administration and the China Ocean Mineral Resources R&D Association, Xu Chen accompanied China’s deep-sea submersible, the Jiaolong, on its scientific expedition to the Pacific Ocean where he gained personal experience, stood the test of endurance and collected many stories. With these rich materials as a solid foundation, he wrote Jiaolong’s Sea Explorations, a full-length documentary-style literary work recording the development, the sea trials and the significance of China’s manned submersible.

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Sample pages of Innovative China: Jiaolong’s Sea Explorations (ISBN:9787508540078) Sample pages of Innovative China: Jiaolong’s Sea Explorations (ISBN:9787508540078) Sample pages of Innovative China: Jiaolong’s Sea Explorations (ISBN:9787508540078)
Innovative China: Jiaolong’s Sea Explorations