The Belt and Road International Railway Talents Education: T-H-M Coupling and Geotechnical Engineering Applications

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Author: Zhang Sheng; Xiong Yonglin; Jia Chaojun; ;
Language: English
Page: 180
Publication Date: 12/2021
ISBN: 9787548746676
Publisher: Central South University Press
Series: The Belt and Road International Railway Talents Education
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Introduction
1.1 Research background
1.2 Review of previous work
1.3 Features of this book
Chapter 2 Experimental Investigation on T-H-M Properties of Geotechnical Materials
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Experimental investigation on T-M properties of geotechnical materials
2.3 Experimental investigation on H-M properties of geotechnical materials
2.4 Summary
Chapter 3 Thermo-Elasto-Viscoplastic Model for Geotechnical Materials
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Concept of equivalent stress
3.3 Concept of extended subloading yield surface and a new therrno-elastoplastic model for soft sedimentary rock
3.4 A new simple thermo-elasto-viscoplastic model for soft sedimentary rock
3.5 Thermodynamic properties of thermo-elasto-viscoplastic model
3.6 Performance of newly proposed models
3.7 Summary
Chapter 4 Thermo-Eiastoplastic Constitutive Model for Saturated/Unsaturated Geotechnical Materials
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Derivation of thermo-elastoplastic constitutive model for saturated/unsaturated soil
4.3 Moisture characteristic curve considering the hydraulic hysteresis, the influence of void ratio and temperature
4.4 Performance of the MCC model
4.5 Performance of the constitutive model
4.6 Summary
Chapter 5 Hydraulic;Mechanical Damage Model for Geotechnical Materials
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Homogenization theory of composite materials
5.3 Poromechanical framework
5.4 Formulation of a micromechanical based elastoplastic damage model
5.5 Estimation of damage induced permeability
5.6 Performance of proposed models
5.7 Summary
Chapter 6 Thermo-Hydraulic-MechanicaI-Air Coupled Model for Geotechnical Materials
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Thermo-Hydraulic-Mechanical-Air coupling finite deformation algorithm of field equations
6.3 Summary
Chapter 7 Numerical Applications of T-H-M Coupling Problems
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Numerical simulations of frictional deep geological disposal for high-level radioactive waste
7.3 Numerical simulation of model test on slop failure in unsaturated shirasu ground
7.4 Numerical simulation of heating experiment
7.5 Numerical simulation of underground water-sealed cavern
7.6 Summary
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The Belt and Road International Railway Talents Education: T-H-M Coupling and Geotechnical Engineering Applications