Sinnsprǖche ǖber traditionelle chinesische Tugenden

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This is a set of basic cultural teaching materials for overseas youths who are learning Chinese. The book consists of two volumes: Volume One and Volume Two, and the text is bilingual, in Chinese and English. It is richly illustrated and beautifully printed, accompanied by a high quality CD-ROM. It is an ideal means for young people overseas to understand Chinese culture. The book contains 20 main themes including "patriotism," "self-improvement," "honesty," etc. Each theme contains 8 proverbs, and under each proverb we have the explanation, related stories, and new words. The related stories are most vivid and interesting and of great educational value. There are three editions: Chinese-English, Chinese-Russian, and Chinese-German.
Sinnsprǖche ǖber traditionelle chinesische Tugenden