Panoramic China - China's Energy Sector - A Sustainable Strategy

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The Panoramic China series consists of two sections. The first section highlights the development of China's provinces, cities and autonomous regions over an extended period of time. The second section presents the work of different departments, trades and sectors of the country, explaining their practices, concepts and achievements, as well as the challenges and opportunities China faces today. They are in details offering deep insights with factual descriptions and vivid illustrations.

The second section helps readers learn more about the plans, work and achievements of some trades, departments and sectors, as well as their efforts and experiences in rendering contributions to the peaceful advance of the country. In particular, readers will see how, step by step, the Chinese people of all walks of life are turning their dreams for development, happiness and peace into reality.

This book is part of the second section, discusses China's strategy for the development of its energy sector in seven sections: The national strategy regarding energy resources, increasing the efficiency of the utilization of energy resources, developing clean coal technology, implementing a "go global" strategy in the oil and natural gas sector, actively developing nuclear and hydroelectric power, making better use of energy resources in rural areas, and developing sustainable energy.
Panoramic China - China's Energy Sector - A Sustainable Strategy