Jump High - A Systematic Chinese Course: Selected Readings of Classical Chinese (I)

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Author: Cui Libin;
Format: Paper
Page: 157
Publication Date: 07/2012
ISBN: 9787561933152
Level: Intermediate
The Selected Readings of Classical Chinese in the series Jump High—A Systematic Chinese Course  (I) includes 15 lessons, with a total of 23 texts, which are mainly fables taken from various classics from the Pre-Qin period in the Chinese history. The texts are of moderate difficulty and cover various subjects, such as military affairs, politics, debate and education in ancient times, which make the book both informative and interesting.
The book is well structured, with each lesson divided into five parts, namely "text", "title interpretation", "word notes", "grammar explanations" and "exercises", through which the words, expressions, grammar points and cultural backgrounds relevant to the text are comprehensively introduced and reinforced.
At the end of the book, there is a final test and its reference answers, the modern Chinese version of all the texts and an index to functional words provided to assist with classroom teaching and after-class study.
It is suggested that four class hours be devoted to the book each week so that it can be finished within one academic semester.

About the Author
With a Ph.D. degree got from the Chinese Department of Peking University, Mr. Cui Libin is now a teacher in the College of Chinese Language & Culture, Beijing Normal University, who has many years' experience in teaching foreign students classical Chinese and other relevant courses.
Jump High - A Systematic Chinese Course: Selected Readings of Classical Chinese (I)