101 Chinese Quotes

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Author: Cai Xiqin;
Language: Chinese, Pinyin, English
Publication Date: 06/2016
ISBN: 9787513813280
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Gems of the Chinese Language Through the Ages is tailored for non-native speakers who are learning Chinese as a foreign language and is comprised of 6 titles. Each book provides concise explanations and interesting illustrations of 101 idioms and sayings. Pinyin and English translations are also added. Some of more obscure expressions has been further annotated in both Chinese and English. Throughout the series, readers will not only learn Chinese culture, but improve their communicative competence and gradually become a“China Hand”. The slim design of the books (120mm*185mm) make them convenient for readers to read at any time. MP3s are also available.
101 Chinese Quotes