A History of Taiwan from Prehistory to the Present

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Language: English
Format: 23.8 x 16.2 x 4.2 cm
Page: 627
Publication Date: 10/2014
ISBN: 9787119089690
Table of Contents

Chapter I Early Taiwan and the Development of Taiwan 
Section 1 Prehistoric Culture in Taiwan and Fujian 
Section 2 Taiwan in Historical Records before the Ming Dynasty 
Section 3 Residents of Taiwan 
Section 4 Zheng Chenggong's Expulsion of Dutch Colonists and Rule of Taiwan 
Chapter 2 The Prefecture of Taiwan in the Early and Mid-Qing Dynasty 
Section 1 Emperor Kangxi Unifies Taiwan 
Section 2 The Policy of Rule in the Early Qing Dynasty 
Section 3 Characteristics of the Immigrant Community 
Chapter 3 Establishment of Taiwan Province and Its Development 
Section 1 Invasion of Foreign Powers and Policy Shift of the Qing Court 
Section 2 Establishment of Taiwan Province, an Important Step for Defending the Southeast 
Chapter 4 Cession of Taiwan and the Colonial Rule during the Japanese Occupation 
Section 1 The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and Taiwan's Forced Cession 
Section 2 Establishment of Office of Taiwan Governor- general and Early Japanese Colonial Rule 
Section 3 Colonial Rule after Civil Officials Were Placed at the Helm 
Section 4 July 7 Incident of 1937, Full-scale War against Japanese Aggression and Their Impact on Taiwan 
Chapter 5 Retrocession of Taiwan and Restoration and Exercise of Chinese Sovereignty 
Section 1 End of Japanese Occupation and Return of Taiwan to China 
Section 2 Chinese Government's Takeover and Reconstruction of Taiwan 
Section 3 The February 28 Incident of 1947 
Section 4 National Government's Measures to Address Public Grievances and Social Conflicts in Taiwan 
Chapter 6 Chiang Kai-shek's Rule and Economic and Social Conditions of Taiwan 
Section 1 Party Reform and Previous Plenary Sessions 
Section 2 Strengthening of Dictatorship under the Guise of'Constitutionalism' 
Section 3 US Taiwan Policy and Two Taiwan Straits Crises 
Section 4 Economic Development and Land Reform 
Section 5 Social Conditions 
Chapter 7 Economic Take-off and Social Evolution of Taiwan under Chiang Ching-kuo's Administration Section 1 Taiwan in a Critical Situation during 1970-80s 
Section 2 Chiang Ching-kuo's Two 'Political Reforms' 
Chapter 8 Emerging of'Taiwan Independence' Movement and Situation of Taiwan Society 
Chapter 9 Development of Cross-Straits Economic and Trade Relations 
Chapter 10 Taiwan's Culture and Education 
Postscript of the English Edition

A History of Taiwan from Prehistory to the Present