Introduction to Chinese Culture

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Professor CM Si and his team have compiledthis illustratedvolume of 56 succinct essays grouped within 8chapters, to cover the core myths, festivals, historical sights,food and sports, arts and crafts, language and literature,philosophy and international connections. These iconic stories,localities and cultural practices stretch back thousands of yearsand have emerged from amidst myriad other possible competitors as the foundational cultural grammar of twenty-first centuryChina.

This book will be invaluable to all students ofChinese culture but also to the educated observer of world culturesand travelers to China. In understanding the foundationalprinciples underlying Chinese culture, readers will be able to makefar better sense of the uniqueness of the modern China that theysee before them.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Myths and Legends
 1. How the World Was Created
 2. The Dog from the Sky
 3. Shooting down the Sun
 4. The Old Man under the Moon
 5. Zhaojun the Peace Ambassador
 6. The Brotherhood of Liu-Guan-Zhang
 7. Joining the Army for Her Father -- Mulan
 8. The Butterfly Lovers
 9. The White Lady
Chapter 2 Festivals and Folldore
 1. The Spring and Yuanxiao Festivals
 2. The Qingming and Hanshi Festivals
 3. The Dragon Boat Festival
 4. The Qixi Festival
 5. The Mid-Autumn Festival
 6. The 24 Solar Terms and the Chinese Calendar
 7. The I.nteresting Story of the 12 Zodiac Animals
 8. Yin-Yang and the Five Elements
Chapter 3 Scenic Spots and Historic Sites
 1. The Yellow River
 2. The Yangtze River
 3. The East and West Mountains
 4. The Yellow Mountain
 5. The West Lake and Tai Hu
 6. The Great Wall
 7. The Forbidden City
 8. The Ming Tombs
 9. The Capital of the Ten Dynasties -- Xi'an
 10. The Qin Terracotta Warriors
Chapter 4 Food and Sports
 1. The Wide Variety of Chinese Cuisine
 2. Table Manners and Dining in China
 3. Wine Culture
 4. Tea Culture
 5. Martial Arts and Sports
Chapter 5 Arts and Crafts
 1. Chinese Pottery and Porcelain
 2. Precious Stones of China
 3. Needlework and Paper-cuts
 4. The Four Treasures of a Study
 5. Chinese Paintings
 6. Architectural Beauty
Chapter 6 Language and Literature
 1. National Language and Local Dialects
 2. Fascinating Chinese Characters
 3. The Three Great Poets -- Li, Du and Su
 4. Romance of the Three Kingdoms and All Men Are Brothers
?5. Journey to the West and Dream of the Red Chamber
Chapter 7 Thought and Enlightenment
Chapter 8 China and the World
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Introduction to Chinese Culture