Ethos of Chinese Culture

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This book is intended to reconsider the ethosof Chinese culture against the status quo ot China and the world today, and with aparticular reference to the human conditionin the context of globalization and itschallenges. It features an engaging and in- depth discussion about such notions asheaven-and-human oneness, harmonizationwithout being patternized, and happiness inphilosophies and religions, among others. Allthis is applied not merely to the development otcultural ideals, social norms, human relationsand even world outlooks, but also to theformation of thinking strategies, personalcultivation, aesthetic contemplation, andspiritual nourishment, etc
Table of Contents
Section One Cultural Ideals
 A Rediscovery of Heaven-Human Oneness
  The Three-fold Significance
   Tiandi and Its Naturalistic Aspects
   Tiandao and Its Moralistic Expectations
   Tianxia and Its Cosmopolitan Ideal
  The Two-dimensional Orientation
   Ziran Renhua, or the Humanization of Nature
   Ren Ziranhua, or the Naturalization of Humanity
  A Pragmatic Alternative
 A Multicultural Strategy:Harmonization Without Being Patternized
  The Meeting of East and West as a Good-natured Hypothesis
  Harmony and Uniformity in Perspective
  The Need of a New Philosophos Poiesis
 Happiness from Philosophical Perspectives
  Good Fortune and Misfortune
  Happiness as Contentment
  The Great and the Small
  Perfect Happiness
  Three Types of Joy
  The Delighted Pursuit of Love
  Paradise and Sudden Enlightenment
 Rule by Virtue in Chinese Society Today
  The Interaction Between the Two Paradigms
  The Traditional Sense of Rule by Virtue
  Rule by Virtue and Problems with Moral Education
  Turn from Guest into Host
  Transplanting an Orange Tree in Less Favorable Soil
  Moral Education Hooked in the Air
 A New Cultural Ideal and Pursuit
  The Cultural Ideal and the Pagoda Allegory
  The Transcultural Pursuit and the Transformed Overman
  A Second Reflection and a Three-fold Process
Section Two Thinking Strategies
 The Philosophized Dao in Multi-dimensions
  The Dao of the Universe
  The Dao of Dialectics
  The Dao of Human Life
  The Dao of Heaven and Man
  The Dao of Personal Cultivation
  The Dao of Governance
  The Dao of War
  The Dao of Peace
 The Poetic Wisdom on Human Existence
  Frame of Reference: The Dao of Man, Heaven and the Sage
  Pursuit of Sageliness: Practical and Sagely Wisdom
  Path to Freedom: Attitudes Toward Life and Death
 A Symbolic Way of Thinking Through Fables
  The Peng and Happy Excursion to the Infinite
  The Butterfly and Self-emancipation
Section Three Aesthetic Pursuits
 Appreciating Nature in View of Practical Aesthetics
  Three Levels of Aesthetic Experience
  Aesthetic Effects of Heaven-and-Human Oneness
 Interactions Between Western and Chinese Aesthetics
  Fragmentary Elaboration of Western Aesthetics
  Systematic Construction of Aesthetics as a Discipline
  Theoretical Incorporation through East-West
  Cross-disciplinary and Comprehensive Practice of Art Education
  Transcultural Pondering in View of Cultural Origins
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Ethos of Chinese Culture