Experiencing Chinese Pinyin Book(With CD)

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Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Page: 129
Publication Date: 04/2009
ISBN: 9787040258752
Experiencing Chinese Pinyin Book is compiled for elementary students overseas and is suitable for kindergarten and elementary children who are beginners. It can be used both as a textbook and as supplementary material.
This book concludes 24 lessons covering 6 single finals, 30 compound finals, and 21 initials. There is a review for every two lessons for a total of 12 reviews. Each lesson consists of:
1.Pinyin part (with an illustration of the positions of the lips)
2.First set of example vocabulary (words with the same initials, finals, and different tones)
3.Second set of example vocabulary (words with the same initials, but different finals and tones)
4.Exercises (The answers to the exercises may be found, written upside down, above or below each exercise.)
The author of the book carefully choose commonly used Chinese words that can also be used to practice the Pinyin of each lesson with the purpose of helping students develop an awareness of the connection between Pinyin and the corresponding words.
The book is well organized, approachable, readable and interesting, and has lots of exercises, children's songs, and games. The illustrations and layout of the book are attractive due to variety and a fine combination of pictures and text.
Experiencing Chinese Pinyin Book(With CD)